Question about the Vault Key in the Ending *Spoilers*

Finished this game years ago and finished it again just recently because friends.
And I just noticed something.

At the ending, one of the pieces of the vault key is in Sanctuary, in Roland’s Office.

I’m wondering, where are the other two?

Hopefully ground into a fine dust and dispersed in the lava.

I think Tannis is using them as paperweights.

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The Vault key was lost along with the Car key and the House key.


That thing is always there.
Pretty sure it’s there when you first get there.

What would a vault keyring look like?

I thought that those missing pieces were used by Fiona and Sasha for their fake Vault key…

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Nope. Not there when you first arrive in Sanctuary, not there once Sanctuary is airborne, only after you defeat the Warrior.

Yeah, it’s kinda hard to have a piece of the Vault Key when Jack still owns the complete thing.

Or maybe it’s Baron Flynt’s nonexistent fourth vault key piece!

Huh… Never noticed that.
But I haven’t ever restarted my campaign before.