Question about turrets and Phalanx shield

I have a couple of questions I can’t find anywhere on the forum.

First, are the rocket pods on the turret affected by a relic that increases launcher damage? I am not sure if Axton even has a relic like that, but just curious.

Second, and this is one I am going to try and play with tonight. Is the capacity of the turrets Phalanx shield affected by your own shield? All the Wiki says about it has an unknown capacity, but it is almost impervious to DOT damage. (In fact it specifically says it is good against Pyro Pete because, if you put it down just before he does his splash explosion and stand inside the shield, it should block it completely, and you can pick it right up for next time. Haven’t been able to get the timing right on that one.)
But I am wondering, if I have a turtle shield will the Phalanx last longer, similar to Gaiges Sharing is Caring with DT?

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Based upon the description of those skills in [DDD] How to Axton and the description on and also taking into account the description of Gaige’s “Sharing is Caring” Skill, my guess would be ‘No’ to both. But, I could be wrong.

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The phalanx shields cap is known…
Wiki like usual is wrong.
And no they dont.

What’s the cap? I’ll update the wiki after I get my account credentials back.

I’ll pm it to you when I get a chance dont remember the exact amount.

The Phalanx Shield didn’t seem to block Pete’s novas for me. I tried it several times, it just didn’t work.

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I remember this being the case as well. I’ve never had it block a nova from Pete, but I think it did block his stupid little goober balls he lobs at you.

IIRC, it could block one of Hyperius’ nova blasts which would actually make it it useful in one situation. Bad skill, IMO.

Situational… It can give you a second here and a second there and that isn’t all bad in OP8. Good in fights like the Handsome Dragon, it holds up to dragon blasts very well, even the Ancient Dragons boss fight. But Pete, no, it wont take the nova’s.