Question about TVHM reset

I have a friend who is about to start TVHM and I was wondering the following:

I have beat TVHM and I have mayhem open now. If I reset my playthrough will I keep mayhem open?

Also if I reset my playthrough and start over on mayhem 1, can he join and get credit for his TVHM playthrough?

No one has any idea eh?

From what I understand, if you reset TVHM then you no longer have access to Mayhem since Mayhem is only available in a completed game. (Unless you are on Pc which makes me think Pc is the one bugged in this case.)

On PC as soon as one reach Sanctuary they could set the Mayhem mode.
On console you need to beat it and I imagine it will be the same if you reset it.

After completing the game twice it occurs to me that TVHM adds nothing except the opportunity to do some one time story mission again. And perhaps chose different ending, such as kill yourself with the Tyreen mission or not miss the red chest in the first mission from Marcus.

Other than that it’s pretty much to stay in normal + Mayhem.
And you can happily see all mission as being completed! :smiley: