Question about Ultimate

I know this isn’t just about Nisha on this question but the rest will be…

Of all the classes, which one is the best for a newer player who is decent at playing but who has NO ultimate gear to gear them up with?

If Nisha is the best or tied at the best, which of the builds would be best suited for someone new to ultimate using only quest rewards and drops? Is there a place I should do first to get gear to help me?

I am killing mobs just fine but I hit Deadlift and he rocked me. I barely touched his shields and i tried the best items I had

Deadlift is 90% shield so it may seem like you’re doing very little damage if you can’t get to his health but in reality you’re probably doing fine.

Just get a shock gun and it will be a breeze


Janey always will hand out a shock weapon during one of the sidequests before you have to tackle on Deadlift. And it will help alot.

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Jack. Pets can carry the slack, and his skills can cover the weaknesses of any weapon.

As to your second question, Chuck’s laser build is a good place to start if you find good splitters. Otherwise, especially if this is your first time playing as Nisha, just build around whichever good weapons you find.


That’s right, I totally forgot that I made a build ESPECIALLY for people who don’t feel like farming :stuck_out_tongue:
Somehow, slipped my mind, thanks

“its deadlift time”, “tell springs she sucks”, lol, now that’s out the way. All I can say is check out chuck80s guide if your not into farming, but farming makes this entire game easier. With my nisha, I use the high rollin crapshooter mod, with a flayer and luck cannons, the flayer destroys deadlift and every single enemy in the game, see video:

also, its not my video, I learnt my nisha build from thus guy chad harris, hes my go to for her. storm front and quasers with Athena absolutely destroy him, as chuck80 said, deadlift is all shield :slight_smile:

Chad (or Charrisx) was a regular here a while ago, left quite an impression on the forums.
Eventually, he got temp banned for using sock-puppet accounts to boost his likes and view count.
There was also a lot of drama involved with some other member…not getting into details, suffice to say that he never came back.

It’s a shame as he was pretty good at theorycrafting builds

Not to go off topic but wtf why do likes and views matter on this forum? That just blew my mind

/off topic talk over

With Nisha, I’ve found a few tips for taking down Bucephelus:

  • Go ahead and farm an at-level Tesla grenade from somewhere. There’s an Ammo Dump in Janey’s garage, as well as one at the beginning of Regolith Range. Once he stops to power on some floors, just pop him with 3 or 4 Teslas and you should see a ton of shield disappear.

  • Kill one of his adds and then spray him with Tombstone. I love doing this with a Hyperion shotgun, but really anything shock would work here. If you had a shock Scav launcher, you could REALLY do some damage. Also, I believe you can score Crits with your Tesla this way. Just make it rain pain on Macelroy.

Those two things should be enough to get you through ol’ Deadlift. If you need to do some vendor farming in TVHM, there’s no shame in that; Concordia runs are quick and often useful. With the right gear and strategy, Deadlift should become more than manageable.

They don’t…but your ego might get a kick out of them…makes you feel good I guess

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damn, that sucks.

I have been using Chuck’s pewpew build and its doing well for me. I did beat deadlift (actually only took 1 try after I posted before lol) but my main thing is finding splitters.

I found a glitched cryo splitter but I really don’t know if glitched is any good or not.

I farmed in BL2 and loved it but this game seems much more limited in farming which really takes a lot away from it for me.

As a general rule, glitched is better than non glitched

Can you transcribe the code ?

I have NO idea how to tell what kind of glitched I have. I have read a few different things on the net and I am confused lol

On the card there should be a line that reads something like

Or something similar
Just copy that here :slight_smile:

Why do I mainly find pistols and rocket launchers lol.

The splitter I found is an acid and the code is 04L3M2A1

That’s pretty good

It works something like this:

There is: O for Overload (red glitch), L for Loop (Yellow glitch), M for Multi (green) and A for Amp (blue)
Each letter is followed by a number ranging from 0 to 4, which dictates how likely it is that the glitch activates (4 being most likely, 0 being impossible)

Each time you reload, there is a chance that one of the 4 glitches activate.

Red will dramatically slow down your fire rate, and increase both your damage and crit damage by the same measure, and will also add a knockback effect on you. It’s great for snipers as single shot damage is what matters for them

Yellow will make your gun auto-fire, increase your fire rate slightly, cut down on your ammo consumption (meaning some shots will be free) and will add ammo to your magazine for each kill. They are great for SMGs and ARs in mobbing situations, where you will get a lot of kills…you can often clean a whole room without spending a single “real” bullet. Not so great on bosses as you won’t get many kills to activate the last function

Green will increase your ammo consumption slightly and transform any gun into a shotgun (multiple pellets)
or in the case of shotguns and splitters…make them …shotgun-ier… with even more pellets. It will also lower your accuracy to shotgun level
This is great for bosses, as they are usually big enough to be hit by all the pellets, increasing your DPS dramatically. Iv you have a green glitch active like…twice in a row, against Eos, you can probably cut the time it takes to kill him by half.

And finally the Blue glitch, will transform your shield into a sort of amp shield, depleting it slightly on each shot for added amp damage. This is pretty good in all situation, but never great. Though if you have a low damage/high FR weapon with a high capacity shield, it can increase your damage output significantly.

Personally, my favorite are Yellow and Green, for mobs and bosses respectively.
Especially with splitters, the Green one is VERY deadly

Yeah I finally was beginning to understand and your description was perfect.

I had the green kick in and I noticed it like tripled the amount of beams coming off.

Generally if you find a glitched gun…say a splitter that just has 3 beams and not 6…would you still use it over a tediore in every situation? Or would you still use the tediore since it would still average more shots even though its not glitched?

And also, when you reload again you lose the glitch effect right? So never reload once you are glitched until you have to?