Question about Uniques

Not sure if this is something i should know from somewhere else, but i’m curious.

I play Claptrap, and would like to get my hands on a Too Scoops. This isn’t a problem, of course. The real problem is that it’s a mission reward, and i can’t just get one every 5 levels by going to the Torks as i can with a Flakker.

Is there a way i should farm it, or should i just wait until i’m 70 to complete the UVHM Ice Holes mission?

the only way you can get new versions is by starting a clean playthrough, wither by going up a dificulty or resetting uvhm, and redoing the mission

I’d recomend not farming it, it forces you to learn other weapons and its easier.

The main use of the Too Scoops is freezing enemies so you don’t really need to get it multiple times anyway. Get it once in Normal or TVHM and again on 70 UVHM if you so desire. Resetting UVHM is an option but really not worth it just for that one gun.

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Alright, thank you! I’ll save the mission for 70.

The only way to get do the same mission again, as far as I know, is by manipulating the save file. Our host has forbidden discussion of this practice.

You can also just reset your playthrough in UVHM

It’s rather tedious though, I wish they’d just let us reset missions individually

Because then people would reset missions to grind EXP and that would be even more tedious.

Well, that would be their choice. The first story mission is practically the shining example of that. Horribly tedious but sadly the best “legit” method to reach 70.

Well the other big reasont is the one I pointed out earlier, that it forces you to use other weapons. What’s the point of the awesome weapon system if you just reset a mission endlessly and use the same weapon throughout all 3 of your playthroughs?

This is the same reason that I recomend people not to farm untill they hit max level; you don’t need legendaries, or uniques, to beat the game, and you have as much time as you want to play around with them at end game, why not enjoy the loot system, not only the way it was intended, but also the most easily.

True, it does defeat the point and I am not saying we should reset however we want in Normal or TVHM. UVHM is for the better players though. By then we have already decided how we’re going to make the best out of our character and lock ourselves into specific types of gear greatly diminishing the loot system.
Nonetheless, the more we talk about this the more off-topic we get. OP got his question answered already and my problems with this game don’t belong here.

Fair point

A max level Too Scoops is not optimal for Clappy anyway, because the Cryo DOT can nullify your shield recharge or health regen if you hit yourself while SWABbing away. At level 70 the DOT is actually not insignificant… I find my level 60 Scoops works great.

I’d just like to point out that the self damage on the too scoops alone is enough of a reason to make me use it. I’ve oneshotted myself so many times while playing Nisha, it’s hysterical.

Typically I run a too scoops, a party popper, and some random torgue pistol (just in case I run into anything that i cant just instantly murder) on her. is it “optimal”? Hell no!! but its an aweful lot more fun than all of those optimal builds.

There’s just nothing quite like clearing entire encounters using just the too scoops and like 2 bullets from the party popper.

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