Question about unlocking op gear

Do you have to complete the game on ultimate vault hunter to unluck the gear or just reach max level

If your game is set to OP8, then any thing from OP6 - OP8 can drop, or may be it’s just OP7-OP8. The same holds true for every level from lvl 2 right through to OP8. You aren’t guaranteed an exact level drop.

is there a condition to when you can add the op modifer cause idont have option yet

i beleave you have to play in digiscruct peak thru the op levels to get access to them if that’s what you were asking

Unless you’ve done atleast the first round of Digistruct Peak, then log out of the session, hit continue when you get to the menu, then the pop-up should appear, and it only will appear when your character is on UVHM.

Exactly. And if you haven’t unlocked UVHM mode yet then all your OP progress is useless because you’ll lose it all once you finally unlock UVHM.

How can you tell if something is OP? Is there an Identifier on it?

nope. other than seeing uvhm as a play mode on startup screen. i advise people to just start uvhm to make sure before any dp runs. it won’t kill ya to lose the op ranks, because people will help with leveling, but still : )

u had it right the first time…op 6 - op 8

yes, Guns/Gear will say OP 1 thru OP 8 . to Start OP levels , you do Have to start UVHM, you also have to be Level 72, anything started at Digistruct Peak before you hit that level, might as well consider it a practice run

just have to start UVHM and Complete Digistruct Peak Run 8 times after Reaching Level 72

If the nade jump is still possible, then you can miss large sections of OP6 - OP8 out. Really helps not having to run through the entire map 8 or 9 times.

they patched that awhile back ,

Funny how that particular fix made it through to this gen while things like the Slag-Licked fix didn’t.

i would add that you have to start each new run at the op level you just unlocked…and cant do it 8 times at 72…you have to reload the game and complete each run in the new op mode you unlocked

in UVHM you have to complete digistruct peak 8 times to unlock OP8

or fixing terrain on dp so surveyors don’t fly thru it, also fix them from getting stuck. painful to lose a run b/c now you can’t nade jump to kill them.