Question about upcoming HODOR tool and so on

I dont know how flexible the software is going to be…but it looks like 3ds max is the tool of choice here. I do most of my modeling in MODO…and i have been able to drop files extracted from the game onto MODO with ease. But the textures dont work. I had to mess with it so they will work. I have seen a video of this guy using a HOMEWORLD 2 blender add-on. Will that also come out for MODO and other software???

Probably not, no. We don’t support editing our files - except the ‘Examples’ we’ve released - so I really, really can’t help you there. If you’re looking for a way to get started, our Examples are 100% complete - fully functional ships. Use those instead of trying to rip assets from our built assets. In the end pulling data from our existing assets will do you zero good - our own files will change, making your edits and attempt to overlay prone (guaranteed?) to breakage. Some of the most common edits will be made much easier and safer with forthcoming HOD format/engine changes though.

Blender support is really the result of a few talented & motivated individuals. If there are people out there looking to do the same work with MODO, you may be in luck. That said, is it possible to do your primary (geo) work in MODO, then dump to a format Blender can use - and do your joints and markup work there?

Gearbox and their artists are entirely entitled to the intellectual property of their assets. They are not actively forbidding you to reverse-engineer them, but they are not supposed to make it easy for you to steal them - the word “steal” is purposely chosen here.

Gearbox has been doing fucktons of work and support for the modding community from day one and is only getting started. They’ve already done more in a few weeks than relic has done since '99. The least we can do is help them do their job and respect their wishes.


it looks like thats the way its going to go, I dont mind including blender in my workflow…but my question was not about editing your files. I just extracted the ships so I can get a frame of reference. I also downloaded the ships you guys provided. Basically I am just getting ready, and I am very excited to see these mod tools come out.

I dunno, I think the wording is very deliberate and fair. I won’t write a ‘how-to’ for taking apart out data bundles with tools we didn’t provide, then break down internal files using tools we didn’t provide to pull other data from them. Why is that so crazy? ‘don’t support’ - aka won’t help you. I won’t argue that it won’t happen anyway, that’s not my point. I won’t argue that others won’t write tools to do it, again - not my concern.

That people would come to these forums and expect any other answer isn’t reasonable, IMHO.

I support tools we release. I have personally authored very powerful tools (more powerful than any released for any HW title before, more powerful than the random hacked tools made before) - to allow people to author incredible content. Please, help me understand how this is somehow not enough? Not only have I created tools and spent my time supporting them - I’ve offered to help people with problem files, debug them, give suggestions, I’ve offered to change my tools to better suit people making external helpers and tools, etc. I’m not even remotely Mod hostile - quite the opposite.

HW1 and HW2 had very healthy modding communities - groups left to generally fend for themselves without almost any tools, on projects that got few if any updates. I wouldn’t call them ‘dead’ - but they weren’t ‘moving targets’ in terms of development. We’re still working. Whether or not you accept that the work we’ve done is work we want to continue to control is not my concern.

As for statements like ‘unofficial patches’, etc - please understand this is a Gearbox forum - and you’ve been flagged for what should be a really obvious reason.

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I think that’s likely what many have done - again, I have no real comment because I can’t. I do hope it helps bootstrap your work though. We have another batch of Examples coming (was trying to get them out yesterday) that will shed light on yet more stuff. If you have any questions - this is a great place to ask, people are generally both knowledgeable and very friendly.


Thanks BitVenom! I read the comment made by that dude earlier…i think he took it the wrong way. While I understand you cant support unofficial tools, I personally think is great that you are helping other modders anyway. I understand that you have a company that pays their workers to make products we (as the public) are willing to buy. If people dont like it…dont buy it. Its that simple. There are no promises made…i hate how some gamers feel entitled to something because they are fans or whatever…anyway thats just my opinion.

Aside from that…I hope opening the BIG files was ok…i dont really want to get banned for something i was not aware was “illegal”. You guys released the game, and those files were just sitting there…waiting for someone like me to open them…i couldnt resist