Question about upgrades for Steam Megaton Edition owners

I’m not sure who to properly ask for this, so I’ll default to @JoeKGBX.

How will the new 5th episode (and the full 3D to a smaller extent) be distributed to those who already purchased the Megaton Edition on Steam before it was taken down? Will it be a free upgrade (like the 4th episode was for owners of the vanilla game back in the 90s)? Will it be a discounted paid upgrade? Or will it be that one has to repurchase the entire game again for the couple of new features?

Good question, didn’t even realize (till now) that the Megaton Edition was taken down. Luckily I have it sitting in my library waiting to be played.

This is not like the Plutonium Pak.

You are required to purchase the DN3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour Edition to play the new fifth episode.
This release has no ties to the previous Megaton Edition.

Thank you.

The 4th episode was never a free upgrade. You always had to pay for it.

The Plutonium Pak was released in Stores as an upgrade you could buy for ten dollars.
But, the 1.4 patch was released online as a free upgrade to regular versions of DN3D. It would upgrade the 1.3D versions to 1.4 Atomic which included the fourth episode.

According to the old 3D Realms site the upgrade from the registered version v1.3d to v1.4 (or v1.5) is not a free patch.

My first post here.
Some links in respect to the last two posts above.
The Plutonium PAK list price was US $19.95
There was a patch for the PAK to fix up some bugs

As for Megaton, I never bothered with it; I own the original game(s) it contained.
Let’s hope the World Tour brings the Duke Nukem back into a bright new spotlight.