Question about Vaygyr Command Station

The Cata canon thread made me think of this one - is the Vaygr Command Post that you blow up in Mission 4 (I think?) of the HW2 campaign supposed to be a Hiig structure that was captured by the Vaygr, or does that represent native Vaygr construction?

I just find it odd that the nomadic warlord race has time to build a giant installation like that, but also find it equally odd that the Hiigs just say “eff it, blow it up” instead of recapturing it with some marine frigs (gameplay reasons aside).


Hi Sastrei,

I have thought about the same issue once, but I’ve imagined as those stations belonging to another race, not revealed in HW lore.

I’ve made my own approach: “Before arriving at Tanis, the Vaygr were expanding their domains and have found these giant hubs in deep space”. Before the arrival of Gearbox, I was editing those stations, here some samples:



An interesting thought… They could always be Tobari or another member of the Galactic Council.

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Look, even invading force needs a proper logistics. It’s not ‘that’ weird, so what, they have a command station. They have Shipyards too.

Shipyards are Seabasing

Hey, did you ever get these in game? They look great! Also happy anniversary!

In Remastered, NO.

tl;dr - I’m rusty and abandoned, but I’m working on it (it=myself).

First, I disliked the changes in the remastered stations. Second, so far, I have been incompetent to mod HW2 in the remastered phase. Despite of that I’m making a modelling course to work with blender. Third, I was waiting GBX to fix the dockpaths in the stations, but they are still messy, and I don’t know anymore how to access them to change it. I wasn’t able to do that in the HW2 classic . Forth, if you want to use them in your TDN REP mod, go ahead, I can’t help you much, but we can talk about how to circumvent some limitations, maybe using the classic model and somehow remaking the diffuse textures. That’s what I think at this point.

That cake is about the date I joined the community. My birthday is next month.

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Well I think they look pretty neat, I hope you do manage to get them in game.