Question About Vehicle Skins

I’ve been playing this game since launch. For quite a long time now I’ve been sitting at 68/69 for both runner and technical skins. I’m not particularly bothered about this, but it does seem odd that I’ve put less time into TPS and have 69/69 for the equivalents.

Does anyone know if there are vehicle skins that only drop as challenge rewards or something? Also, does anyone know of a complete list of vehicle skins so I could take a look and see what I’m actually missing?

I to would like to know this. Playing the hammerlock dlc for only the 2nd Tim last night netted me a lot of new fanboat skins.

for the first question, I believe the answer is no, just toon heads/skins.

as for the second question, I remember a list floating around at one time, but it may have been on the old forums

Edit; this from WIKI

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I have 69/69 for both the Runner and the Technical and I’m pretty positive I got every single one of them as a drop. Took quite a while to find all of them, though. The last one was a particular pain in the ass, as the chances of getting the exact ones you’re missing get lower and lower as you go. If you’re actively farming for them, I suggest killing the Snowman and running through the WEP killing everything and hitting every pile of goo on the way. I got most of mine while farming the loot train and the midgets.

The wiki has a list of all of them:

IGN has pictures:

IGN’s list says the “Eridium Metal” skin is supposed to be a reward for completing the mission “Animal Rescue: Shelter”, but I don’t think that’s correct.

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Thanks @LunaticOne and @anon13808724

That’s the skag puppy mission in Lynchwood, which I’ve completed a couple of times. The wiki says the mission reward is a pistol or shield. I’ll have to see if the “Eridium Metal” is the skin I’m missing! (Probably not but, if it was, it would kill the IGN theory.)