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Hello long time lurker first time poster i have been following these forums gosh since the old gearbox forums. but the 1 thing that i could never understand is what people where talking about where body parts of weapons like barrel 5 etc. could any 1 explain how you see this kinda stuff or even link me to a video i will gladly watch it as i am playing BL1 again and would like to finnally know what i am looking for in weapons thank you

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These are what I used to learn about the different gun parts.


thank you very much i shall give both a good read


All weapons are made up of different parts. These parts in turn come with a range of specific properties: both perks and penalties. This is why a particular pistol may be more desirable than another, even from the same manufacturer.

In addition to the guides posted by @khimerakiller there’s a very good set of posters that lay all the parts for each weapon type out nicely:

Edit: I see those are the same images used in one of the linked posts. They may be easier to download from one site than the other.


Instead of committing 25-35 (or more) parts for each class of weapon (7, in all not including sub types) to memory, it’s helpful to think of each class of weapon as having 5 distinct variations.

Each variant shares most of the same stat modifications and visual appearance across weapon types. So, very broadly, for most everything but especially Repeaters, Revolvers, Sniper Rifles, Combat Rifles and Shotguns:

Type I

  • Tediore manufacture (usually), cheap and lightweight-looking. Typically the standard or lowest damaging gun (if barrel or body) with no tech bonuses. Iron sights. Bladed accessories.


  • DAHL, or Torgue, better recoil, some marginally better stats like damage but can also be slower firing. Lensed-sights (but usually acts like scope anyway). Double shot accessory.


  • Tech. Maliwan manufacture, also increased fire rate or reload speed. Will almost always have glowing parts on the body and/or barrel. High-tech looking, very stylized compared to other guns. Also comes with 3-shot cylinder, if applicable. Elemental accessory.


  • Jakobs, high or highest damage, depending. Other stats are more inconsistent, but also usually a tech bonus. Very bulky looking. Low power scope. Accuracy accessory.


  • Premium everything. Almost always the most accurate and also high or highest damage. Also fast-firing. Made to look like Atlas guns, sleek and smooth but more conservative than Type 3. 2-shot cylinders and high power scopes. Elemental accessory.

There are exceptions to most every one of these, but it should provide a better framework for thinking about where all of the different numbered parts come from.

Also, the same parts control the same stats, pretty consistently. Barrels and bodies control damage; sights (obviously) and barrels, accuracy. Stocks influence recoil as well as body; mags, reload speed. Grips are determinative of manufacturer, so each one is different.


Phase shifted to Loot and Weapons.

I’m not sure that this post is helpful at all (I guess if it helps you, that’s fine, but it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense). But the above is not correct.

Manufacturer - changes everything
Material - everything, stat tweaks depend on manufacturer
Body - damage, fire rate, recoil
Barrel - damage and accuracy
Sight - sight style/zoom only (no effect on accuracy)
Stock - recoil, reload speed
Mag - damage, mag size, reload speed

Obviously unique parts are an exception to the above, since they can and do change all sorts of stuff.

If you want to understand how things work, you’ve just got to learn the parts, how they look, and what they do. Then you’ll know immediately why this weapon is great and that one sucks.

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It’s great that you didn’t read my full post and couldn’t understand what

‘There are exceptions to most every one of these’ & ‘very broadly’

really meant what I first wrote it, but I appreciate the feedback :slight_smile: