Question about white elephant

I found a facepuncher with 50% ase, I was wondering if white elephant would provide those damage?

I know that the white elephant has an effect on the Facepuncher adding the sticky bombs to shots. I think the 50% would probably affect the gun’s damage, and then would then be multiplied by the elephants added stickies. it should hit harder in that case!

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I can’t say for certain, but im pretty sure 50% element increase on ase doesn’t do anything for the face puncher. By that i mean, 50% element increase on shield and grenade work while using a face puncher but not when it’s on the face puncher itself, it’s weird. So i don’t think you’ll see an increase to white elephant stickies with a 50% element ase face puncher.

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Hit the target dummy for 5mins. :wink:

+50% ase “for a short time” on shield/grenade = yes
+50% ase “next two magazines” on gun = no

Don’t know about a gun with +50% “for a short time”, I don’t have a FP with that one.