Question about WillowTree Quests

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In the process of trying to remove the 2 glitch quests you get online from others, I noticed that for where it has “Playthrough 1”, “Playthrough 2” etc there is an option to have those marked completed just like all the missions listed under them. Should each of these be marked as completed or no?

I’m mainly asking because I don’t use mods or mod gear on my character, and I have beaten the game thoroughly as such. It seems that legendary loot and pearls have been dropping at a decreased rate since I made the change with completing the missions in WillowTree. I just want to make sure I’m playing on the correct 2.5 playthrough.

Should those Playthrough options be marked as completed or what have you?

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I have no idea how to answer your question, since I’ve never used WillowTree (I’m on console, so not going there, just learned to live with the borked mission log).

However, given the vagaries of RNG, you’d expect to see fluctuations in the rate of peals and legendaries that you observe over time. As far as I can tell from having played the game and read up on the loot system, there’s nothing intrinsically different as far as drop chance between Pt.2 and 2.5.

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I’m on a console: 360. And on your other point, I’m also speaking about the quality of weapons being dropped seems lower after my original issue (which you are unable to address). So, while I may be getting legendaries, it seemed as if I was getting them with better stats, higher ratings, etc. before. Because of this, I want to know whether that issue with the “Playthrough” portion is affecting the quality of the gear being dropped. I don’t want to change it if I’m not supposed to and mess up my game, as I’ve had this character for years and it is an unmodded, clean character.

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The BL1 loot system is, quite frankly, a bit weird in the way it works. There’s a tremendous variation in the stats you can get at any time in the game, as you’ve probably observed many times previously. @Kurtdawg13 or @farsight37 might have better insight on this, though, since they’ve both done way more end-game farming than I have.

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Well if either of them can answer my question about WillowTree it would be much appreciated.

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Borderlands 1 is much more random and sporadic in the parts and variation of parts you can get as a drop. it’s all RNG and the luck within. lol That’s why I’m still playing. Still haven’t gotten some of the items I’ve been waiting to drop. Years brutha, years… lol

Willow tree question: I really don’t know, but I would guess that marking it complete doesn’t matter. You should have it already complete if you’re in 2.5 playthrough. if some random jumped in your game and glitched your mission log, Welcome to the club. lol Mine’s glitched. but it doesn’t affect any of my drops or game play itself. It’s just an annoyance I have to live with. I wouldn’t mess with Willow tree. Its like being caught talking to some shady character in a back alley with a long trench coat. :unamused:

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First off: None of the responses answers my question.
Second: I’ve already messed with WillowTree. I haven’t edited any of my stats, guns, gear, skill points, etc. If Borderlands didn’t want me to mess with WillowTree, they should have put something into place to prevent glitched missions from other users screwing over MY account/character.
Third: Yeah. I have been playing for years, as well. nbd

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Your question and the answer there in, breaches to terms of service on your console platform account(Sony, Microsoft). Which, in turn, is prohibited here. This is for Consoles only. If you were on PC, you could discuss this all day long. :wink:

Which is why you most likely won’t get your questions answered here. Best of luck to you.

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