Question about Wintertide

If I may ask a quick question - by adding cryo damage to every gun, does this also add a chance to freeze as well or just the damage type?

I ask as I’m trying to choose between a Snider and a purple Jacoks rifle for my Aurelia.

Also, if there is an added chance to freeze does anyone know what kind of chance it is - i.e. Is it up there with a snider or a set level?

Many thanks in advance for any help.


Wintertide acts as a kind of splash damage that is based on your gun damage. How exactly the elemental effect chance is calculated I don’t know, but since it is another instance of elemental damage, I would imagine it increases your cryo chance.

Thanks for the info. In that case, what would you think works better for her - a purple Jacoks with higher base and crit damage plus Wintertide, or a snider with better chance to freeze and splash damage?

Interested to know what snipers people use with her.

That depends on how good of a shot you are. If you need to immobilize enemies so you can get a clear shot off, then the snider will be better. Otherwise, if damage is your primary concern with your sniper, and you’re a good enough shot that don’t need the enemies frozen, choose the muckamuck.

Both can kill enemies well, but the muckamuck will do more damage on a crit than the snider (barring avalanche. I don’t know what happens then), and will also not be as good at freezing enemies. It’s also a bit less forgiving, as Jakobs tend to have a lot of recoil, making follow up shots difficult when you find yourself under fire. The snider will be more forgiving, and will get more out of Avalanche and Frigid touch.

Play around with both and see which you prefer.

Thanks again for your reply. I’m still playing around with snipers for Aurelia - i also imagine getting down to “I Never Miss” may affect my thinking on snipers too.

I have noticed though that with just wintertide and a non-elemental sniper, the chance to freeze seems really low - in fact i cant remember it ever freezing any enemy (that bitter riposte didn’t get to first!). Will have to test more but are we sure it adds a freeze chance as well as cryo damage?

Obviously i didn’t expect it to freeze everything in one hit like a snider but i was expecting it to happen occasionally. More testing needed, also didn’t notice it building avalanche - though i’m likely not noticing, it seems hard to stack in normal play.

It does freeze on non-elemental weapons. I notice it a lot more on shotguns though. If you check out Derch’s deputy Aurelia playthrough, you’ll notice that the Flayer freezes enemies a lot, and it builds avalanche.

You’re right, I take it back - just started in on TVHM with new build and good weapons etc. and i can see that it definitely does, i must have not noticed it before. I think i read in another thread that if you kill the enemy outright with one shot it doesn’t proc the splash anyway?

Either way i can now see regular (but not spectacular) freeze rate on enemies from non-elemental guns, and also finding avalanche a LOT easier to stack.

Also, stuck a point in duchess with celestial COM and it does wonders for the Skullmasher!

Thanks for the replies!