Question about World drop Uniques (Machine, Boomacorn, etc.)

I have 2 questions about all the unique world drop guns.
First of all. What is in your experience the best location to get them? I killed Iwajira with a friend in NVHM maybe 5 times and we got a Boomacorn and a Machine. Seems pretty decent. But is there a better place to get them? Sentinel? Eclipse and EOS? Or are the odds all the same and I should go for quantity of drops and the fastest farm? Or just try and farm Concordias weapon shops?

And the second question. Can these guns be gotten from a grinder with a Luneshine? If yes, what’s the best way of getting them?
Should I just grind tons of green snipers with Luneshine grind for The Machine for example?

Yes you can get them with luneshine. Ive gotten the machine and boomacorn with luneshine effects from the grinder. Best place to get them is what you have been doing. Farming bosses with big loot drops. Also the grinder and vender farming

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People have even recieved them as mission rewards

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Pretty much everything you’ve mentioned. Just rinse and repeat. :slight_smile:

I’ve had the best luck getting the world drops from eos I just got a boomacorn and 3 different flayers plus absolute zero and good chance for many glitch guns.

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