Question about "world drops"

Can’t really find any solid info anywhere about them other than kill stuff, haha.

If I’m searching for skins/heads in the world loot pool are there places that would be detrimental in my search, are there places that would help?

Searching piles, killing X boss because they have a large world drop rate/lootsplosion, opening boxes in the dust or bullymong piles in gingerton, etc?

Any help is as always greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I recommend avoiding a boss like BNK3R, unless you are specifically looking for one of his heads / skins. Sawtooth Cauldron might be a good place to look, given the number of enemies / enemy density.

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Make sure to break every pile/pot/goo
Basically if its breakable break it.

Thanks for the tips all, should make gathering community day skins and heads “less painful” haha.