Question about Zero kunai and fix


It’s been two years :D. I have a question about Kunai fix now that game is after a lot of updates.

Does Kunai fix from 2013 is still a hotfix or it was implemented already in some patch? I don’t play online all the time due to some problems so I want to know if I need connection to get back good kunai or it has been already implemented permanently in some patch.

Sorry if question might be strange but I was really 2 years away from this game :smiley:

Thanks for info!

Many, MANY, fixes now in the permanent update. You will thoroughly enjoy coming back to the game!

Click the link in the following post for your platform, and behold the massive list (Kunai included):

cool! SO kunai fix seems to already been permanent in 2014 :slight_smile: Good to know! Once again I can go from 0 to OP8 with Zero :D. Thanks for info!