Question about zone completion percentage

My first time through the game. I’ve done the first two planets, and while all the challenges for the logs/claptrap/hijacks are done, each zone still show some small percentage that isn’t complete.

Now, on one of them, I can see that it’s probably because there are missions I’ll have to do later, since I came across a locked door and an unexplored zone behind it. But one of the Pandora zones says 99% with all collectibles found. Any idea why this is?

Check in map details what you are missing. Also Crew Challenges counter is bugged and it may show you something like 9/8 and map completion over 100%.

I think one zone actually said 101%.

Any idea whether having small slivers of the map still brown will impact this? Just far edges and such, nothing enough to have a discoverable item.

As @GrzesPL mentions, you really need to scour the maps for completion. It can be just one little bitty spot on the map you haven’t stepped in keeping you from completion.

Also, and to me very annoying, you cannot trust the map coloring. There are a lot of areas of the maps that are displayed as solid black (i.e., you can’t go there) which you actually can and need to walk on for some missions and for map completion. Irritating to me, but just be aware that you really need to walk (or drive) everywhere.

I don’t think it’s the ‘coloring gray fog into blue explored area’.

The zone completion % consists of various things like Crew Challenges, Typhon Logs, and various simliar objectives, as well as opening all the Red Chests on the map at least once.

That said, some maps can bug out and have completion higher than total, for example 13 out of 12 of something, and so the zone will have >100% completion value.

In DLC2 i have half of one of the zones gray, but 100% completed.


As above, the map itself doesn’t matter. For 100% you need to discover and complete missions, locations, red chests, fast travels and crew challenges (Typhon logs, Moxxi radio etc.). Just open any map and press the button for details (left stick on consoles iirc) to see what you are missing.

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On PC it’s “R”.

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I didn’t know about the red chests counting. That’s probably it, because the only one I recall finding was the tutorial on Pandora. I must have overlooked the others.

Thanks, I’ll try that. I know there were slivers of maps in a few places that I hadn’t entered.