Question artifacts

What are all the artifacts that have as an optional roll on them? And where is it best to farm for them? I know deathless gets it. Just needing an artifact for amara build and think stacking elemental dmg will work well with her.

Not sure if I fully follow your question. An artifact can have a Prefix + Suffix + secondary rolls. The ones that have Suffixes are the legendary ones. Those legendary ones have a dedicated source that you can farm. The rest are what are call world drops meaning that they drop from any where. Most, not all, legendary artifacts are also a world drop.

Spreadsheet of the Items in the game

Good Explanation of Artifacts

Best farming artifacts right now would likely be red chests during this event. I am frequenting them.

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Yeah, I’m getting loads out of Katagawa’s red chest. Loads of Moxxi endowments too. It’s almost as if they are saying “here, you may need this xp boost for the level cap raise :wink:

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