Question: Best way for Rath to handle bomb runners

Primarily in Helio, Advanced Story mode. . .

I’m getting good with Rath but still confused about the best way to handle those bomb running thrall.
In advanced mode it is very often that 5 or so are coming at you.

Should Rath toy with them, back peddle, or charge them?

Sorry for late reply, been away from the forums for a while.

I tend to stay back and go for crits with his secondary attack. The damage is usually enough to one shot them and the extra range from the secondary attack allows me to stay out of the bombs radius.

Thanks, I’ve been experimenting that that, of course on Helio advanced Gbox can toss 5-6 at you at once so since I do that map on teams a lot I’ve also experimented with his rolling attack, which does seem to do CC on them and most of the time he does survive, but I’ve also got several screen shots labeled “Really Gbox?” :wink:

Use his alternate attack, it gives you enough space to not be caught in the blast…