Question: Borderlands 2 Shirt

First of all, i’m sorry if i’m (somehow…) posting this to the wrong section.

So i was just watching a Borderlands 2 livestream, and someone linked this to the chat:

Is this shirt real? If so, where can i buy it?
It’s totally badass :sunglasses:


Hmm, definitely doesn’t seem like a GBX release.

Just checked the usual outlets for that kind of stuff and it isn’t listed. It could be a fan made concept item (i.e. not in existence but plausibly something one could custom make).

(Going to reroute this to fan creations for you).

BL shirts are qute hard to find…

I don’t Know but that is my favorite Jack dialogue and I want one. I just love the way he is cracking up about scooping out some dudes eye in front of his kids. Makes me smile every time.

That’s exactly why i want the shirt too :sunglasses:

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I´m like 97% sure I saw this Shirt on made by a loving fan. I searched through Etsy again but could not find it, my guess would be the shop-owner just made a few and all are sold…

Of course I could be wrong and this shirt was official, but I never came across this one on GBX- or 2Ks shops sites.

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I want one. People would be so confused if they don’t know the game

I know right :DD

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