Question Concerning "Skill Trees" In BL3

I have a question with skill trees in BL3
In BL2 (sorry) in general, I worked mostly in one skill tree until I did TVHM. (There are some exceptions, though. But in the end, when I get me some class mods, everything works out for me)

NOW, with BL3, does that tactic still work out?
Would it be wise/unwise to mix my skill trees when in “normal” mode?

{Yeah… it is a wide open question… sorry about that…}

There are some good synergies across different trees, and some arguably focus too much on one aspect of gameplay, so it may be good to focus on one, but invest a bit in others. Just find what works the best for you really.

That would mostly depend on the VH you are playing and what type of playstyle you are trying to do with it.

With that, do you have a VH in mind? I play Moze, so I’d be better at discussing her skills.

While I have all four character/classes, I am NOW working only on FL4K, for the time being. The reason for FL4K is survivability. (because I am a crappy player… for now).

But, as I struggle through the game, I am always wondering if I had a different tree, would it be more easy, and would I get my @$$ killed less frequently.

In the end, I will stubborn my way through BL3, and perhaps I will die less frequently enough to get some actual money for upgrades.

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Fl4k’s main weakness is survivability. His best option for that is Gamma burst with burst aid(and red fang). He can get really high in surivivabilty with a Terror centered Rakk build as well. A fade away build with until you are dead and a focus on cooldown reductions can be sturdy as well.

Really? I haven’t had a chance to play Fl4k, but they have a bunch of perks for health regen, I’d think he’d be good at surviving.

How I see some of their perks, especially the Stalker tree, they may be better equipped for sniping. Stay back and keep your health up as you take pot shots at enemies. It might take some time, but could allow you to fight at your own pace.

Unfortunately health regen is just not enough to get you above healthgate when you get 1 hit by half the things on the map. Mobbing with Fl4k is a fickle thing sometimes. If you do take advantage of the things I mentioned though it makes a huge difference. Rakk’s heal on hit can help but it’s quite delayed so it never helps in o-■■■■ situations.

Another strategy is wearing things like last stand artifacts and shields like rechargers, when implemented these will make a massive difference.

I just watched a video of someone using a deathless artifact, maybe combine that with their health bonuses, and your shields could be ridiculous.

This time around build diversity isnt a thing, so there are a specific set of perks that are amazing while the rest are quite useless to be honest, some characters can get away with going full on 1 tree to begin with, like Fl4k, but i feel like the others need to get a few perks here and there to actually make something usefull out of the skill trees.

I’ve tried maxing one tree and just scattering what’s left to the others, at LVL50 TVHM MH3 it doesn’t end well. Now I reset my skill tree points regularly, especially to suit a farming run on a particular boss AND with the modifiers you get from MH3. Embrace it, it’s part of the fun and keeps it interesting until the DLC

Maybe that’s true in Mayhem at endgame. But Fl4k has been the most survivable for me playing through Normal and regular TVHM solo. Even moreso in the latter after they made the pet a bit tougher.

Things got rough for me with the other three around level 15-17. I eventually had to get help for my Demolition Moze and then she was alright on Normal from about level 26 onward. In TVHM, however, she got destroyed by Captain Traunt where my Fl4k had no problem. My solo Zane and Amara are shelved in the aforementioned rough spot until this event passes.

Whenever I talk about any VH and their abilities I’m generally speaking of MH3 TVHM(level 50). Sorry I wasn’t clear about that.

There are great skill guides on the characters in this forum. Maybe those can help you choose what you think would be best to focus on.

I suck a Zer0 in BL2 because I am certainly NOT a sniper.
But, I do understand what you are saying

Ha, me neither, and that is why I suggest a Vladof sniper.

Yup… just found them at your mention. Bookmarked a BUNCH of links!
Thank you!!

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Yeah no problem. I have them bookmarked as well. Always had the BL2 ones bookmarked too as I always refer back to them. The thing i love most about this forum is you will not find better info or more dedicated and knowledgeable people anywhere else. The extensive testing they do is admirable and seeing on how i’m too lazy, i rely on it lol.