Question concerning the known SDU bug(s)

I heard about the SDU bug issue concerning the bank storage SDU, which takes place if one buys it beyond 100 moonstones. Does this apply only to the bank storage SDUs or does it happen to all items priced above 100 moonstones at Crazy Earl’s?

So far, I’ve only bought the backpack and bank storage SDUs at the 100 price range to be safe.

All I’ve heard relates to the bank and back-pack, not the ammo.


Ah that’s cool, I was originally going to hold off on buying the ammo SDUs completely until I knew for certain. Thanks for answering my question, and I’ll have to back up my saves before I buy them above the 100 mark.

What GBX have said is that, if you had bought the upgrades and they disappeared, you should get them back once they release a patch for the problem. I’d just buy the one for now, and keep an eye on the max ammo for that type through a few restarts, just to be safe.

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Alright, sounds like a plan there. Thanks again, VaultHunter101.

this, have had no problem with the ammo upgrades and have worked around the bug for the backpack and the bank by filling those spaces with Guns/Gear and switching out when I want to sell something out of the bank, and same with the backpack, though the downside to that is you can’t buy Guns/Gear from the machines

That’s a huge downside. Unlike the past games, TPS has a good chance of getting great gear as the deal of the day. You also can’t pick up legendary drops from bosses if you do that. The bank works fine overstuffed with swapping, but the inventory needs free spaces always.

Wow, it’s a drag when by doing that, we can’t get the legendary drops from bosses :frowning: So, to be safe, I’m better off not getting the Backpack & Storage Bank SDUs above the 100 moonstone price.

Okay, here’s the question of the day. What happens to the items that are in the slots that disappear?

I haven’t tested this but should be the same as when backpack is over stuffed - you cannot pick up anything until you have vacant spots. Happens all the time when you earn skins when backpack is full.

Okay, I see what your saying. So, nothing happens to the items. Their still there, but when you take them out, the slot simply vanishes.

Correct. This is why it’s safe to get the extra bank slots (150 & 200 moonstones) as long as you put stuff in all the slots before you exit the game. Subsequently, always swap an item in the bank for an item in your backpack, even if you need to scrounge for a junk item. As long as you do that, all your bank slots & items will stay there. This can be done with your inventory too, but it isn’t practical, because you need empty slots to pick up or buy items.

I should add that you need to buy the last two bugged bank SDUs in the same game session. Otherwise, you’d just be wasting those last 200 moonstones.

I did this in Borderlands 2 sometimes. I would max out my inventory and then go complete any side mission that rewards you gear, which will still go into your backpack and effectively create another backpack slot. Any time I wanted to pick up an item I equipped something I didn’t want and then swapped it with the item from the ground. I got my backpack to something like 80 slots that way.

Downsides, I couldn’t buy stuff from vending machines besides ammo. I could no longer pick up skins (because those aren’t equippable items). Backpack did become a little unwieldy and slow to use.

Plusses? I had an armory on hand at all times.

I hadn’t thought of that. Yeah, that works, but not being able to buy the item of the day at vendors is too much of a downside in TPS. Nearly all my best gear came from those. The stuff for sale is way better on average than in previous games.

And why would you ever need to carry more than like 20 items plus your equipped gear? Pick a good loadout and backup gear for special situations (couple of varied shields and COMs, guns which use different ammo or are good against one boss, etc) and leave the rest in the safely overstuffed bank. Don’t forget to swap an item for that green Maliwan SMG the claptrap adds to the bank on new PTs too.

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Is this bug also affecting Moonstones? I had over 400 Moonstones on my main Gladiator, and while lootrunning through Crisis Scar, I noticed that my stash of moonstones had gone down from 400 to 34.

Something’s wrong…the bug has no effect (that I am aware of) on moonstones.

Yea. Either my playstyle is different, or the grinder fixes my hoarding. I haven’t even overstuffed the bank. For a while I was still hoarding purples and quest guns in split screen profiles (mules). Now I mainly only hoard legendaries. And I store some quest guns away in mules. But the grinder means I can take some outdated purples or purples I wont ever use and get another chance at a legendary or a different purple. And the drop rate of purples at Iwa and the sentinel is decent enough that I don’t feel like I’d need to squirrel them all away. Plus the vendors for sure. In this game they are relevant again, along with money.

Well, something happened. I sure as heck didn’t spend 'em. Not when there’s a bug affecting bock the SDU’s and the Grinder. Haven’t spent any since the Grinder and SDU bugs turned up. For all we know, there’s another bug that’s affecting the Moonstones.

Are you sure you didn’t accidentally spend them on moonstone chests? My buddy does that all the time! :smile: Seems unlikely, that would be a lot of chests, I just noticed that you didn’t mention them.

Good point, Ryker61. I suppose it is possible you were struck by an extremely rare moonstone bug that the rest of us haven’t seen; but if there is, it has nothing to do with the SDU bug being discussed here.