Question concerning zer0

I have played a BUNCH of BL2. I have three of almost every character of level 72 {I’m a Linux guy… sorry}. Except for two character types. I only have a single Krieg, and my Zero never gets to rescuing Lillith before I get so angry that I delete Zero.

Question: I really need some advice on how to get my Zer0s to not only survive in UVHM, but also how I/he can get to level 72 (or 80).

HELP, please!!!

Thank you for you time and have a great day!

Are you focused on melee, sniping, or regular gun play?

Zer0 is definitely the high-skill character in the game. Melee requires more hand-eye coordination than gun-play, but it is the only skill-based method of health recovery. Outside of that, you’re looking at transfusion grenades, health pickups, and Moxxi gear (which is unrealistic in NVHM).

You might want to take a quick look at the “How to keep Zer0 alive in UVHM” guide for some general tips.

The one tip I can give you is never stand still and shoot - keep moving, and learn how to hip-fire or quick-scope for accuracy.

Moving to the Zer0 sub-category.

OK, my computer needs fixing (motherboard) and I am using my smartphone.

Thank you for the “how to keep Zero alive” artical, that is the first thing I will try when I hit UVHM, in a few days.

Also, concerning Zero, I have, in UVHM sniping, melee, pistols, and shotguns, an I have ALWAYS failed

Thank you all for your advice, and have a great day!!

Heh! That voice line “I never die!” has taunted me on multiple occasions. I had recently started trying to level up my Zer0 from 72 to 80, and he’s way harder than Maya at that point.