[QUESTION] Constantly Animated Objects & Animation blending

So, I’ve got a few ships coming down the pipe-line that are quite different than the normal HW ships. I wont spoil anything until I can show you guys something :slight_smile:. Anyway, these ships will have constantly running animations, as well as different animations when they do different things. A good comparison would be a ship with a spinning radar dish on top, and maybe the dish spins at a much faster rate when an ability is activated. Or, lets say I wanted to make a space-octopus, the tentacles would be gently flowing around when standing still but would move around a lot when the space-octopus would fly around.

Basically I’m asking, what do I need to know to implement constantly running animations and is there a way to blend between different animations? (so it wouldn’t look “jumpy/stutter-ey” when switching between animations) I’ve only got a basic understanding of how madstates work, so any help would be greatly appreciated :ok_hand:.

Also, is there anything I should keep in mind when creating the animation, maybe considering saving CPU power when in-game? I believe I heard somewhere that you should have different LOD’s that don’t have the animations attached so you can save processing power, but that’s all I recall on the subject.

There was some discussion on this here:

Thanks Dom, couldn’t remember where I read that.

@BitVenom So how about medium-large sized ships with quite a bit of animation going on? I’ll use my space octopus as an example :slight_smile:

The Planet Killers don’t seem to cause a problem…

True, but they aren’t constantly moving (right?), they only have the initial animation when they are “deployed”. The ships I’ve got in mind would constantly be moving, to some degree.

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