[QUESTION] Creating a new race

Hey there everyone! First post ever time!

So, I am in the process of creating a custom race as a mod for Homeworld:RM. In short, what do I need to know to successfully do this? I am working on importing a test model, following a few tutorials on going from 3D app -> HODOR -> Homeworld.

Nice to be a part of the community, looking forward to many many more discussions in the future.

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Howdy! This will hopefully be a good starting point: http://hwmod.wikia.com/wiki/HWR_Tutorials

The cheapest pipeline to making ship models is Blender > DAE > HODOR > HOD using dkesserich’s exporter script:

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Also, you can upload the mods to Steam, unless you know how to already…

Sorry, I meant to reply to this thread but I accidentally replied to your other one with this:

[quote=“Dom2, post:2, topic:1077063”]Welcome! Good to have you here. Have a look at the following, which might help you:

If not, ask some specific questions here and you will get specific answers :)[/quote]

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