[QUESTION] Docking paths and collision mesh

I have a problem with my docking paths seemingly conflicting with the collision mesh. When I have a very small collision mesh (inside the actual ship), docking paths work fine, but when I duplicate a low poly model of the ship, the dock “in” paths do not work (out is fine). I have tried recessing the docking bays to avoid any clashes, but no luck. Ships queue up but refuse to fly along the dock paths at all.

I know the collision mesh is perfectly aligned because projectile and beam impacts are in eactly the right places on all sides…

Any ideas?

Try moving the first and second point of the docking path outside the “sphere” that is shown in CFHodEd (I have no idea how people will check this in the future)

I am using HODOR so I had to do it by trial and error, but moving the points out worked. Maybe we need @BitVenom to help with knowing the exact distances…

I don’t think there are exact distances - I think it depends entirely on the ship in question. I understand/handle the data - but how it’s used by the Simulation is not my area of expertise… I think there’s a mode in-game that will let you see the paths and what state things on them are in?