[QUESTION] Does anyone have the DAEs of the repair beams?

Hi all,

Wanting to create new repair beams for STCR but can’t get access to the old ones to make sure I’ve got all the boxes ticked on recreation… does anyone have the DAEs for these?

Are you talking the Homeworld repair beams, or the STC repair beams from Classic HW2?

We didn’t have repair beams in classic HW2, I was talking the HWRM repair beam FX

I’m actually playing with a variant of our Borg Cutting Beam at the moment… it may be ok? We’ll see :stuck_out_tongue:

Those repair beam source DAEs would be useful if someone had them lying around though

Pre-2.0 extracted HOD and texture:

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Much appreciated! :smiley:

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@sastrei How can these be converted and use in HMR? Also does anyone have the .dae files of the harvest beams?
I’m asking this so I can make the phased disassembler array for the naggarok.

Could you RODOH the classic ones?

@dom2 Where are the classic harvest beams at?

I haven’t really done much with the fx but I’d guess the files are in the same place for remastered and classic…?

That’s right, the FX are largely the same between the old and remastered. Luckily so, I’ve been screwed if we had to redo all our FX…

I hope this will help:

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