[QUESTION] Error: "Mesh with radius greater then 20km" [ANSWER] Mod Glitch (User Error)

@sastrei @Dom2 @radar3301 I know that I once found a way to sidestep or avoid this limitation in HW2, but I have forgotten the solution. Can someone please tell me what I need to do to avoid this error?

*A little background: I am an artist as well as a modder. I am currently painting (traditional/pastel) an image of Uranus from the vicinity of its moon, Ariel with the latter in the foreground. I figured; what better way to create a rough reference photo than to use Homeworld (2 in my case) and then do a screenshot? Of course, I could make the uranus hod smaller with the same result, but I keep running into this 20km limitation when I am modding, so why not find a solution now, right?

Examples of my work:


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Have a look at the gearbox background examples. There is a planet in there.

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Thank you @Dom2, but unless I am misunderstanding you, you are misunderstanding me. I am neither looking for a background nor am I just looking for an image of Uranus. I am specifically looking for a solution to the “Mesh with radius greater than 20km” limitation in HW2.

Break it up into several smaller objects:

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I appreciate the help, however; it doesn’t seem to be a map-size problem, but a mesh-size limitation in HW2. I am simply attempting to use a textured sphere as a planet. I have seen others use huge, single-hod structures (e.g. pln_halo in the Homefront Mod is at least 100km in diameter if not more) and yet I am not sure how they are avoiding (or voiding) this seemingly innate limitation in HW2, but they do.

As well, just so that I am not misunderstood, the Uranus “ship” is at the center of the map ( 0, 0, 0, ) with Ariel at an appropriate distance. I am not putting anything off-map.

I have settled with a Uranus of just less than 20km, which is fine for my purposes in regards to the painting, but I do wish to pursue a solution to the 20km mesh limit at which the engine seems to be balking.

As per the aforementioned mods et.al, this can be done, I myself once knew how to do it, but I do not remember how.

I haven’t found anything related to the distance measurement being limited to 20km. Where are you getting this from? (also, I’ve never tried putting a mesh that large in game, so there is that…)

I do see this post which talks about limiting your vertex count to 20k?

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I am receiving the error as a Fatal Error in the Hw2.log. If you yourself try to place an object into the game that is over 20km, theoretically you too will receive that same error. Once the hod (hod=mesh) is under 20km, the game loads without error. In regards to the vertex count; nothing I have attempted to put into HW2 ever approaches 20k.

I have searched both this forum (search results do list topics in which the error presents in various posted Hw2.logs, but the enveloping topics never discuss that particular aspect of the error) as well as doing a general web search with no other results.

I am stymied. I may need to look elsewhere for the answer; perhaps the gamefile (or another script) for the Homefront Mod (which includes huge, 100+ km meshes) can tell me something? A thought does occur to me: The large mesh in Homefront, specifically the Halo mesh, are outside the game’s universe radius. However, I have in the past somehow snuck 20+km meshes in, I just don’t remember how or where… I had about a 6-year hiatus between modding.

Why can’t you just make a background with Uranus in it? That means having a sphere that is the planet in the background hod. As I said, check out the gearbox background example. This will allow you to get a planet sized object in game…

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Thank you @Dom2. Actually, the more that I read here, the more that I think that is the solution I will go with regarding my painting.

That said, I am still seeking a solution to the 20km mesh dilemma, hence the origin of the topic. :smile:

Again, I do appreciate the time and effort that you all invest in this community. Your help is invaluable.

So, how about breaking the mesh in, say, 8 parts so that you can divide the radius by 2? You can make a .hod that is composed of several meshes simultaneously and use this solution to get around some engine limitations. On another note, you might be interested by the software SpaceEngine for your reference shots and/or to make backgrounds for HW2/RM maps.

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@RufusShinraSB: Excellent suggestions, both. Thank you.

In regards to multiple meshes: yes, that is one great way to do it, but I am still looking to bypass said 20km limitation in future as I have done in the past.

SpaceEngine looks fascinating! As an astrophysicist I am surprised that I was not aware of this tool. I am currently downloading it to check it out.

Again, thank you! :grinning:

No problem. If you’re interested, I’ve got the PRO licence which allows me to create skyboxes of very high resolution, so if you or other people of the community want some specific skyboxes, I’m happy to help.

Here’s a package with a few backgrounds: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1833914805


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Thank you Rufus. The image is beautiful!

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Still no suggestions as to how to bypass the “Mesh with radius greater than 20km” limitation? I would think that someone - one of the experts here - would find that difficulty easy to bypass.

Still no suggestions?

I must say that I am surprised.

iirc, the answer you seek is inside camera.lua.

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@HW_Lover I just saw your hint. Thank you.

At first glance I am suspecting that increasing cameraDistanceMax will do the trick considering that it defaults at 20km. I will experiment.

Again, thank you.

@HW_Lover Can you please give me more information? I have tweaked every parameter within camera.lua to no avail.

I can find no setting within camera.lua that changes this irritating limitation. Is there anything more specific that you can recall?