Question farming 5-mag Creamer

I assume that for RL there are 5 barrels (in this case only the maliwan), 5 grips, 5 exhaust, 5 sights, and 8 accesories.

A total of 1000 possible combinations, and for my experience the “Deep a” prefix is pretty rare compared to Miss Moxxi prefix for example.

And the 5-mag Creamer is only possibe with Torgue Grip, Bandit Exhaust, Tediore Sight and “Deep a” prefix.

¿I am correct?

Yesterday I tried 100 times and only appear 2 combinations with “Deep a” prefix, and only other 2 combinations with 4-mag…

PS: Sorry my bad english.


There are actually six barrels (five manufacturers and the the e-tech one). You don’t need to worry about that, though, since the Creamer can’t spawn with an e-tech barrel.

That said, the situation is a bit more complicated since you are not guaranteed an accessory on the launcher. That’s why it can be hard to get what you want: you have a certain chance for an accessory and only then do you get the 1 in 7 chance of the mag size increase.

As far as the increased mag size, both a matching grip (Torgue in this case since the Creamer is always a Torgue body) and a Bandit grip increase mag size, but I’m not sure if the increase is the same in both cases. The bandit exhaust also increases the mag size. The Tediore sight doesn’t affect mag size, but it does provide a reload bonus to offset the penalty from the Deep accessory.

So, you can drop the Tediore sight if you’re either comfortable with slower reload or you have a skill boost that allows you to live without it.

Sounds pretty typical for RNG… Hitting the right combination to hit max stats can be a very long game.


Thank you.

Yeah the RNG in this game is a biaaaatch. I’m farming the train in OP8, and finally pops up a legendary, The Sham, thats cool, 79% of absortion… ■■■■ off… Or trying to farm the fastball and the uh witch boll and lee, only a shock fastball in two hours…


79% absorbtion ? to the hell with you bnk3r … also the fastball weird droprate. sometimes you get instantly you desired element on first try and sometimes it appears like boll will drop you that item … next week ? :smiley: but boll is a really cool foe and i love his area =D so farming him is always fun to me … just three horns divide (valley too), love it.