Question Fl4k peregrine class mod

Does fl4ks peregrine class mod trigger on grenade thrown annointments like how zanes drone or clone when they drop a grenade?

Yes, I believe so.


Okie thanks just wanted to make sure its piss with the upon nade throw gain + to stuff

Also: can anyone else confirm that Peregrine only throws one grenade regardless of how many Rakk are about (or how often they hit enemies)? Is this the effect that they can only throw one grenade every three seconds, so once one connects, the others are on cooldown (or did I totally see that wrong)?

As far as I’m aware, each use of rakk attack can only drop one grenade. I don’t believe the anoint that spawns two extra rakks has any effect, but I could be wrong.

A grenade can only spawn from a rakk once every 3 seconds.

Ok, thanks… not that it isn’t a very powerful combination regardless. :+1:

I tested it myself when the class mod came out. It only drops the one grenade base off of the damage compared to Fl4k chucking one. Although I keep hearing that Lightspeed drops multiple grenades and it’s about the only one that does. I couldn’t confirm this properly myself so not sure if true or not.

The Lightspeed throws child grenades, no? (not like a MIRV, but like a scatter)? I wonder if that’s where they come from. I’ve been using the zaniest Torgue MIRV things I can find, which still carpet bombs the entire area. The target will eat a lot of them, but with 18 children available, they get spread out.