Question for 360 level?

Ive not played blands 2 in 2 years, but i recently bought the hjc for xbox one, so i got on 360 to transfer my characters and it worked with the exception of the legendary class mods, and when i log on the 360 they arent there either and it also says i dont have any dlc? Ive already deleted the 2 dlcs for level increases and tried redownloading and that didnt help either? Any help would be appreciated

I had that problem at one point. I cleared the system cache and then redid the licence transfer on the 360 first, before going into my downloads history and redownloading everything (doesn’t take long if the file is already dl’d, but does update the DRM information.) If you do this, make sure you do ALL the files, including the Mechromancer and the game DLCs.

I bet the COMs you’re missing are the ones added with UVHM part 2 (levels 62-72). If that’s the case, they may have been deleted from your character save (that happened on my Maya save once). If that’s the case, let me know what you’re missing and I’ll see if I have any spares lying around.

Yes thats the coms that are missing, i finally got it all figured out to were i can play on xbox one with the exception of the latest coms. Everytime i load up on op8 it says i cant gain any more xp? Weird but its not affecting anything. That would be great if you had any extras

That part there is just a code error in the HC game, that makes it think your missing DLC (I get the same message as well) just ignore the message and play the game, everything’s there

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