Question for devs: Legi stat upgrading mechanic? Please please please?

Hi Gearbox developers! (Hope you read this!)

First, thanks so much for this excellent and amazing game. I didn’t think anything would pull me away from Dark Souls 3 for like a YEAR, but you managed it with Battleborn. Well done!

Second, I’d like to share a thought/suggestion I have, based on the Battleborn Tap game but intended for implementation in the console/PC version.

As things stand, other than Lore Legendaries, any normal Legendary gear item the player finds has random stat rolls. You might get a great piece, or a “meh” piece. If it’s the latter, the player is looking at re-running missions over and over to try and get a better roll.

What about implementing a Scrap system, as there is in BB Tap? Whenever you get a gear piece you don’t need, give players an option to Sell it for coins, or Break Down for Scrap. The Scrap (obviously a new currency) would be used to upgrade the stat rolls on all gear pieces, with the amount of Scrap required scaling up for each rarity rank. (For the record, I think Rath would be an awesome choice for weapons forger, if you implemented any kind of animated GUI for the upgrade screen.)

When re-rolling an item, just set an RNG limit such that the re-rolled stats can’t be lower or equal to the existing stats - so there’s always progress, even if it’s slow.

What do you think? And how does the community feel about the idea?

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