Question for Foxtrot Mains

Do his mid helixes redeem him in any way?

If not can am I missing some mechanics/synergies that make him really good? (aside from some basic stuff like delaying reload with shotguns and other general FPS stuff like hit them in the head)

Because from at least a story perspective I don’t really see many positives for the character.

Hes pretty lacking right now BUT…I have a theory to get more mileage outta ole Whiskey. His passive gives him a whopping 10sec. 25% damage boost on kill; now initially I kinda thought “meh situational” auto assuming that meant Battleborn, but thatd make it worthless in Story so…

Prime him first by taking out a minor minion, THEN engage the enemy team. In retrospect i notice my performance seemed to wax and wane with him…THAT might be the missing link. Add that to the Reload/Health regen/movement speed buff on kill in the Helix tree.

At work so I cant test but that might be a more effecient gameplan if im right. As far as the Helix mutations i have 4 so far…only one i find really good is the napalm DOT for sticky nades.

Edit- 4th mutation is +25 Shield penetration on AutoRifle…with Gear that can be a nice buff, kinda deep into the tree though.

Whiskey is probably the last character i haven’t had the chance to really mess around with to figure out the best way to use him. After i check out the nerfs on the other characters that happened today I’ll try again with Whiskey and see what skills are key on him. I’ll post my results later tonight.

Imho the life regen is helping his staying power, although it’s a tough choice between (reload/movement) speed.

The napalm dot is even better, when you triple your sticky bombs.

After having another go at him i can definitely say although he isn’t weak there are a few areas in which he is really lacking. 1, would be his minion clear but since you mentioned his napalm mutation i can see his triple sticky bombs being on par or even better then mikes. Could you confirm the ability on wave clear with the napalm for me as i don’t have the mutation unlocked for him. 2, his ult could use a bit of a buff because of it’s horrible recoil and “good damage”. I don’t think it does enough damage for the cooldown it currently has. 3 he has very little options when someone has a healer with them as he doesn’t do enough damage with his rifle or scrap cannon to leave any real dent.

What are your opinions on him so far on 1v1 matchups and his options against melee characters? I really think he just needs a damage buff on both his rifle and scrap cannon.

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Agreed, completely.

As I said, give him poisoned bullets, which prevent healing for a short period of time (2 seconds), refreshing with any consecutive hit, of course. He is an assassin, so poison would be very fitting.

His Scrap Cannon could also apply a neurotoxine, inverting controls for 2-3 seconds. Maybe instead of napalm this could also be added to his sticky bombs, along poison damage over time.

His Ultimate should be redone with faster animations, the shield piercing being standard. Optional to the 25 rounds increase in the helix could be a transformation of the gun into a high calibre semiauto rifle, loaded with 10 HEAT rounds, dealing massive damage and splash.

While I do think his kit might not gel well together. I’m not sure that randomly adding a mechanic that doesn’t necessarily make sense for the character is the answer. You can implement an idea similar to this without changing him into some random venomancer. For example you could implement your “poison” idea by giving his scrap a bleed of some sort. (Or better yet add a helix to make his bullets cut you). IDK if thats what he really needs or just some number tweaks but there are generally better ways to balancing than adding new stuff.

Why would it be new stuff? Afaik there already are characters out there, who can prevent healing. Galilea can do that via upgraded Desecrate and Shield Throw at early stages. Her effects last for 5 seconds each.

I would give WT the same debuff via toxic bullets, but with only a 2 second duration, which can be refreshed by consecutive hits.

That would serve 2 purposes. First it would impact his damage output without upping his damage. His damage is not this bad, seen in PvE. The problem is, that he has no true burst damage abilities, so his damage can easily be predicted and healed off. Not so with this little extra. Secondly he would become a serious counter to heal support badasses like Ambra, Miko, etc.

About that neurotoxin and the inverted controls, while I think this would be more fun, a proper 2-3 seconds desorientation might work as well.

I’m not saying its new stuff to the game I’m saying its new and unfitting to foxtrot. Its like saying something like “they should give Kelvin a fireball because he wants range” it makes no sense to the character both thematically and kit-wise.Why would foxtrot shoot poison? Think about the rest of hit kit and his character. He does a lot of persistent damage over a long slow period of time. His kit was designed to be countered by healing, It would make NO sense for them to just remove this weakness(es). That’s not how PVP Balance works. So if you were going to buff him it would be better to accentuate his strengths rather than make him a “decent/good vs everything” character.

That being said I’ve spent a lot of time with Foxtrot in PVE over the last few days. I’ve since unlocked Napalm and he gets a LOT better at zone control with that and triple grenades (Trying to get him to Rank 12 to see if that grenade Helix accomplishes it faster). My only real beef is with scrap cannon. It feels really weak, I basically only really use it to delay my reload.

What kind of argument is this? That’s like “Oscar Mike has that assault rifle niche covered…and napalm, of course”…“Orendi has the magic niche covered, so no need for an Ambra character.”
Furthermore Miko’s daggers are coated with poison, too. Theirs are damaging poisons (DoT) so that’s a different mechanic.

I was talking about a numbing poison! Instead of applying damage over time it prevents or at least reduces healing, like the WoW Fighters Mortal Strike. There are not much characters out there, which cover that niche. And if you don’t like it to be called poison, although it fits for an assassin, call it serrated bullets then.

Jesus Christ…

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Yea yea dont get hypertension over it lol carry on, and please retract my statement as an attack on your creative suggestion :smirk:

Sry, but actually because him doing persistent but no burst damage, that’s exactly the reason to give him that function. It is far more questionable on a character like Galilea, which can do pretty good burst damage. If anything should be countered by healing, than it’s the quick damaging characters first, logically.

Since when is poison not fit for an assassin? Last time I checked it’s been quite ok. I think WT is exactly the kind of character to apply cure denial.

For me going into options and changing the spells to “instacast” makes scrap cannon far less clunky to use. Just make sure you aim before activate and boom.

I select the Helix which makes your AR do extra damage after scrap hit>then activate my Ult. Not completely positive it boosts the Ult damage (by tooltip it should) but it sure feels like it in the heat of battle.

I was only able to unlock about 3 or 4 mutations and I ended up getting attached to 2 mutations like crazy. One that adds “fire damage” to sticky grenades (gives good AOE. I’ve gotten kills with that even if I’ve died), and health regen after kills. Health regen after kills works when your farming shards, which is what I did alot when I didn’t want to risk getting killed by enemies just yet.

There is another mutation I used once or twice that adds MIRV to your sticky grenade, but I personally prefer shooting 3 sticky grenades rather than just one MIRV. The penetrate shields one, it doesn’t do much on its own, but I usually increase the damage with the right gear.

I’m sorry I don’t remember the names of the mutations only what they can do but I hope that helps and if not, I can expand more if need be.