Question for Gearbox Devs: have we found everything?

Is there anything in the game that you’re pretty sure has not yet been found by players? I mean, there are a lot of what I consider wonderfully obscure game elements (crit multiplier stacks in the Morningstar, Tannis’ fish ride, Geary’s Quest, for example), but if there was some weapon mechanic, easter egg, hidden enemy/mission/location that nobody had found yet, I’d love to know (and if so, a hint would be awesome).


IIRC there was a thread like this in the old forums. One of the devs answered with something to do with Claptrap’s Place, and someone found how the “WELCOME” light in Claptrap’s Place can change into other words.

I think that was the last thing to be found, though, I don’t know.

…so I’ll take this as a yes.

I really want to know how people found out about that Tannis easter egg.

The barrel elements are randomized when you step into a map, but the ones for her are not, so if you’re a frequent traveler to these places (and are on the lookout for it), they can be spotted. Once you notice this, then it’s a matter of trial and error to get the sequence right (assuming you’re somewhat familiar with this easter egg from BL1). I spotted the barrels in TPS, but was in mid-deduction when I found a video of someone who had already figured it out.

Whoever figured it out in BL1 though? That would have been weird.

Ah, it’s from Bl1! I didn’t know that. Still something I would never have spotted…