Question for Moze experts

I’ve got an ATOM BALM Deathless which claims to increase the damaging factors of radiation.

Does the Atom Balm effect apply to the Hammerdown Protocol? Is there a way to test it?

Can someone explain what Atom Balm exactly does?

The atom balm increases the damage and radius of the explosion that occurs when your target dies.

It also increases the amount of damage that an irradiated target does to nearby targets.

It does not effect the amount of damage (either weapon damage or DoT damage) that you do to the target.


Thank you!

Since it basically has an effect that’s not directly linked to the damage source (weapon or action skill) it’s considered passive damage mechanically which means it works with Iron Bear’s Hammerdown Protocol right?

So if an enemy dies from the nuke the radiation explosion will deal an increased damage to near-by enemies that may be able to take the nuke?

It appears that it does work with Hammerdown – aura damage with the Atom Balm was 207k on one of those Laser Fare turrets; without it was 137k.