Question for Rakk Attack build users?

I’m using a rakk attack Fl4k Build. Is it better to supplement the red tree with the Green tree or blue tree for Mayhem 4? Also, which pet would be best for this build?

Personally im using a mix of all 3 with a focus on blue currently; might change now that i found some different gear though

I’ve been using this build since before there was a vid on it and it works great check it out if u looking for skill point allocation help FL4K Grim Reaper Rakk Build - Crazy Damage + Survivability [Mayhem 4 Build]

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Are you going for max damage or max survivability?

Probably max damage.

Blue tree then depending on your choice of weapons or goals with rakk damage the pet should be clear.

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@megadethwm Thanks for the input.

The scorcher spiderants elemental dmg buff affects the rakk dmg correct?

Also, is there anyway to increase Fl4k’s speed other than an aritifact or mod? Fl4k seems very slow to me without Fast & Furryous or whatever its called.

Rakk damage is amplified by action skill damage, damage, splash, AoE, elemental, and oddly enough a small damage buff from your grenade and shield anointments (until patched?)
I can’t remember the exact order of calculations though but I think that’s it. Though both pets do increase the damage the schorcher is better for builds that prioritize in elements in my opinion.
About speed though…sorry you’d have to go green and loose some versatility.

Thank you for the input!

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It’s really preference.

Blue true has more damage and health regen
Green tree has more utility with turn tail and run being optional survivability or damage and pet revive, also your pet will die more

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I found that my pet died a lot more while specc’d into the blue tree than in the green tree…but since I play with others a lot, I always put 3 points into All My BFFs which seems to make a huge difference if you have a lot of regen through other means (relic, shield, anointment etc.) My Spiderant is able to tank a lot of damage during revives now.

Fast and Furryous is really fun if you have Victory Rush and get a movement speed buff in M4 :>

How kitted are u the health regen in blue tree is based on your damage dealt so if ain’t clapping checks with 200% ase damage …

Yeah I have 4 points into that skill (4% damage converted to pet hp) and my pet rarely goes down. I can do a solo slaughter shaft run and it will go down once or twice.

there’s one 1st tier blue skill I use and then I go fully into the green tree to get megavore. and then my red tree is basically to the capstone there. all of it is geared toward crit dmg maxing. i’m at work and the build maker on the main website is down so i can’t really describe my build much better off hand.

There was a whole thread discussing this same question recently –

Personally, I go with red (all the way down to get Megavore) then green (first 3 tiers) & 3 points in blue tree for Persistence Hunter. Not that I do all that well, though (not a youtube caliber gamer :frowning: )

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For my money The Power Inside is by far the Best Cap stone skills to mix with Rakk Attack. If you have the Guardian Perk Topped off, and you use the second and 3rd Rakk attack augment along with a few other HP regen skills like Rage and Recover you can easily maintain The Power Insides 100% of the time with it’s full 50% gun damage. I personally use Interplanetary Stalker, Big game, The Most Dangerous Game with Cosmic Stalker. The amount of gun damage FL4K can accumulate is insane. My Rakks are my main sorce of gameplay loop. Use Rakks to get gun damage, to kill stuff to get more damage, to heal, to use Rakks to heal, to get more gun damage. It’s a massive self lubricating loop XD

Between pack tactics, barbaric yawp, persistence hunter and frenzy i make up the difference of going to power inside, plus my pet is extremely hard to kill; plus using friendbot i dont have to worry about her; though im curious, what is your base maggie crit damage?

What do you mean by “base” like with passive skills active like Interplanetary Stalker and The Power Inside?

Also I use the Jabber but I agree that Barbaric Yawp and a Hordned Skag is one of the best uses of skill point if you use the Blue Tree.

Before any kill skills… basically your first shot after proccing power inside; can including passives from mod if necessary

been trailing this as well, excellent damage on M4 against tougher enemies and synergises well with the new anointments of +50% ***** damage at skill end

the only thing I miss is the Pet res when the brown mucky stuff hits the fan lol

other than that solid, been using it with the bounty hunter mod as i don’t have the new Rak mod yet and its fine