Question for the Community about lootsplosion seeing m0 still in m10

I do not use lootsplosion because of my prior experience with it dropping m0 in m10.

Im guessing the upcoming patch is fixing m0 dropping in m10. As i kill Warden and still managed to see a few m0s recently. I took video of it but felt like giving up on the game as a whole. Plus i wasnt sure if it was warden or his mobs sometimes as everything dies together very fast with plaguebearer double shots. But im very shure hed drop m0s also.

As im critting him usually would this increase chances of dedicated?

Other questions. Does this effect wotans little bulb under Him?

Where exactly is Scourge T I 's… Heh or Sti’s critical spots.

I have backburners. But plagues can crit initial hit for a few insane millions. Charge rate and a torgue projectile speed+ Bout a second reload make for some crazy stuff.

Im sure snowdrift moze can do more.

Backburner does some weird stuff… I disabled flying wotan esstentially firing what is 8 backburner shots to a wall and at him. Corner wall near boxes in middle and he fell on the ground and didnt fly again. He was still alive and the fight was on still i tbought he was dead on the floor… He was alive facedown

I punched him on the floor and then i saw a number near the wall… Really weird… Anyways i dont even know about the top half. I just launcher everything into oblivion but im. Guessing he has crit spots.

Does lootsplosion increase dedicated rates now or just World drop trash?

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world drops only, i think

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Bar room beatdown failure NOIZE

… :’(

plays in the arms of an angel and watches the sky


Sad guitar solo lol

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So where do i drop my load to get sti splosions?

In reference to scourge the invincible and using a payload launcher which can crit…

Im just holding out hope.

Ummm, aim for the butt? Maybe?

Honestly I don’t know where Scourge’s crit is. Maybe this is the downfall of playing Fade Away FL4K?


The head.

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So i can do. some head but is there any other place for holes to be shot in?

Lootsplosion would be my favourite if it only dropped ammo. The one thing I don’t like about it is that it spams the ground with ever more items with those glowing vertical lines. I really don’t need that.

Hard to aim for anything specific with a Monarch. But good to know when they buff the ASMD lol

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Hhaahaaaa… Oh asmd… Lmfao…

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It’s not easy to hit because he moves his head a lot/hides it. But it’s the head.

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ASMD is crap for critting though, its only (very marginal) use is the combo explosion, and that can’t crit.

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Thanks you saved me from playing dirty sliding up his rear

Because i slide and spam backburners/launchers but i do have. -charge rate items.

So now i have to slide into his face playing dirty(zane skill)

I can see why you’d try to find a crit spot on his behind with a backburner, but I believe it’s only the head

Its more about this for me…

I was crying IRL TEARS -spytock1’s post

Dirty little secret: the Warden seems to behave as if composed of two loot sources and it has nothing to do with lootsplosion. If you watch carefully when you kill him you will see legendaries drops in two distinct batches separated with a 1 -2 s pause, one batch seems to come from his head, other one from his body. Now one of this batch is always m0 ( the first one to drop if I recall) his head is probably coded as a chest or some dumb stuff like that

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Woah u even gotta icon like em! Yeah i shoot my load onto his chest when he opens up for rockets n i watch the meat bobble thing explode stuff up after all the build up and his golden explosion.