[Question] Good way to change joints/dockpath in HW:R Hods. Goal: Add Dockpath to Gehenna 1-7

Hey all you modding fellows out there,

I have been out of modding for a few month now and was not able to follow all the changes.
And to avoid enless iterations … I’ll simply ask out here.

Does anyone know a way to edit HW:R Hods? I don’t care about extracting it I just want to modify or add dock path to existing hods, so I can use them in a gamemode.

I have the version of CFHodEd that was made for HW:R but I’m pretty sure this will yield some problems with the hod. (any experience?)

Or would I really have to fully extract it, turn it into a dae and reimport the whole thing, just to ma a frigate dock at other gehenna stations too?

Or should I wait until BitVenom and Co. managed to change the Hod-format, so we can use a tet editor to do this? (this was my last information before I left, month ago.)

Best Regards

What are you using the Gehenna stations for anyway? Is it some sort of frigate docking station or…

Well I’m working on an idea for a gamemode.

I need this asteroids to spawn some ships that will (after launch) get the order to do something. Maybe move to another station and dock there again.

I have a script that makes ships fly around and dock at random docks of your own ships. Then “deliver” some RU and undock to move to the next dock.

Problem is … even ships with dockpath sometimes simply don’t have a dockpath that will work for me and I would have to change it. (Prisonstation)

I want the gehenna stations to get a bit more variance to the dockable stations (prison station is interesting too). Btw … I added you on steam because I noticed you worked on the Researchstation

Good ideas

If you want, I can invite some Devs to this topic and they might know both of our problems.

So far nothing has changed, and no firm promises have been made. Editing it with the newest versions CFHodEd -might- work, but it might not, and if the suggested changes to the hod format hit you’ll probably have to redo your work from scratch. Bitvenom has said a few times that he as ideas for how a system to do what you want might work, but we don’t know if it’ll happen, let alone when.

I was able to edit the scaffold and researchstation from HWRM with the current cold fusion editor and it didnt crash on me. SO editing dockpaths works but not importing OBJ meshes.

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So you could edit the tai_researchstation with it to let ships like fighters come out.

It didn’t crash on you now, but with the HOD format change you will have to convert it one day anyway and that will require the BitVenom’s DAE -> HODOR pipeline. You won’t be able avoid it, it’s just a matter of time when it’ll happen.

Well, this is a live game so changes are going to happen. If only they happened sooner.

Thats why i can always recopy the HWRM hod

Well good to hear, CFHodEd might work for this part. Then I can make this changes and and build the gamemode around it.

When the format changes will come, there’ll probably be another solution or I moved the gamemode over to EVE or Nexus mod.

I wanted to start the gamemode with default HW2 objects, so it would something that everyone could use.

Thank you all for your input!! ^^


Hi Mr thi, good to see you around.

The best thing is to wait the devs release the next patch and see where things go from there. The Devs are willing to make more resources, but can’t make promises. At the same time, almost everything done so far is focused on fundamental stuff that affects all modders and all players. Maybe after that, more tools come out.

Check what Trade Routes had turn into, in terms of concepts.



Yes, that is very true.

I thought that was dead! I hope you are reviving it…

Ah jea ^^ … cool to see you are still working on it.

We will hopefully get more of this stuff in the future. ^^ … the new per ship scripting makes something like that so much more easy. =D. Create a ship write a full script what it should do. Add it to the map … ready.

A very good addition would be the ability to add CPU players / neutral players to the map. I don’t know - is this possible currently? Without that we will always have to sacrifice at leasst one player slot for a “map player”. Default HW2 was not able to… That#s definetly something that they could try to get for us. =D …

I think Evil Jedi, B5 mods crew and serveral others would love to see this ability too.

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@BitVenom , check the last post. @MrThi is a great coder that helped modders with a lot of stuff.


Was able to finish the basics =D. But help is still welcome.

In the future, I am sure most if the annoying problems and long workarounds will be simpler to make and I am sure your mod will be good.

you musta used some wizard magic on your hod cause i just tried editing the dockpaths via CFHOD on a ship i added to the game and it crashed on load with the

Unknown basich mesh version (0) – FATAL EXIT – basicmesh/589:! --stack trace–

error :frowning:

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