[Question] Good way to change joints/dockpath in HW:R Hods. Goal: Add Dockpath to Gehenna 1-7

The magic of @LeviathansWrath!

Use this version:

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Thanks :wink: @MrThi

many thanks MrThi!

the Pre-Release or the latest release?

I used v4.1.0.0 (latests release)

But I think the newer one will work too.

That is good to hear.

Newer one works too, thank you MrThi, i thought i had the latest release already, apparently not!

Some general Tips for you all doing Dockpath too:

  • Enable Collision mesh.

For Exit Path:

  • Ensure that exit path has last point far enough outside collision sphere and box.
  • use at least 2, better 3 points

For Entrance Path

  • Ensure that entrance path has first point far enough outside collision sphere and box and enable: “Queue origin” and “Player is in control”, maybe Use Rotation and Checkrotation
  • Ensure the second point is outside sphere and box too, disable: “Player is in control” and “Queue origin”
  • At least 1 or 2 further points for inside the sphere and box. Every thing off, maybe Rotation stuff or other specials on. Choose one of this points for “Clear reseration”


  • Keep an Eye on Exit path, Dock path and Linked path. If you need examples take a look at the Carriers Hods.
  • Keep in mind that the ships docking at the mothership have a volume too, when adding Dockpoints. Best result if collision box of Mothership and docking ship do not collide on entrance point 1 and 2 (as long as player is in control)

Hope that helps someone.

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You should be a member on this forum! You have a lot of good advice and knowlage!

I come from the dark ages when peo-files ruled the models and textures where shared among them.

I have seen the rise and fall of HardEd under the reign of ColdFusion.

And the beginning of a new era!

=D … damn … feel old now XD

… Btw … I’m already a member … or did I miss anything? 0o

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i think he ment moderator :),

i ended up sending my max file to Dom2 to see if he could figurew why my paths arent behaving, if he cant figure it out ill be stuck using CFHODED to position em correctly :frowning: not that theres anything wrong with it, just easier in max if it would behave!