[QUESTION] .HOD file format or documentation

I have just a quick question, if not answered I’ll just brute force my way in, does Gearbox Software released a specification of all .HOD versions? Like the one used in Classic, then pre 2.0 HWRM were using different format, and now >=2.1 are using third version.

I was trying to find something, and only in Karos Graveyard I had found these two links VB.NET HOD Definition (Long Post) [Archive] - Relicnews Forums and .HOD file format [Archive] - Relicnews Forums, so probably Version 1.0 will be a breeze, as for Version 2.0 CFHodED 4.1.1 does a good job and it has a source code available, so just I just have to adapt it, as for Version 3.0 there doesn’t exist a working solution, a great start will be CFHodED 4.2 but it has issues.

So an official spec would be very welcomed. I want to judge how cool and supportive will Gearbox be for Homeworld 3 modding community, and how much we will have to do ourselves, so any kind of response would be great.

Just got into Homeworld, and tried to have fun with ships but either I can’t extract models, or it’s just a pain in the *** to extract everything from one and then use HODOR, or the game crashes.

Compared to modding Physx this shouldn’t be very hard, question is how much time I can spend on this, I… dislike having to do HEX magic.

If anyone has any ideas or can help in any capacity it would be very welcomed, I may bump this thread in a month or so (juding by my previous side-projects) with a 0.1 solution. Even something as trivial as saying that I would have better chance of succes with this question elsewhere.

Thanks for reading to this point :slight_smile:


Calling @radar3301

Here’s how to download the earlier HOD files so you can crack them open.

And this should get you started on using HODOR to create new HODs:

Yeah, I found it. This is included in the “or it’s just a pain in the *** to extract everything from one and then use HODOR”, I want a tool that can edit those HODs and make a game-readable version, or at the very least I want a pipeline of my tool->DAE->HODOR.

Well… I won’t make one that can edit HODs in place or a 0.1v MVP, but I already “cracked” (Yeah cracked… With a working pseudo-code it’s a joke) 1.0 version, working with version 2.0 there aren’t too much differences but my 1.0 code crashes. Version 3.0 I found out is compressed and someone cracked this compression in 2017 (looking at you Fallen Angel/Mephistofeles), but probably didn’t had enough time to finish it, or had other more fun ways to spend their time.

Well with how much surprisingly information there was, reading HODs shouldn’t be a problem but I have none experience working with DAE file format. It’s under Khronos supervision so documentation is readliy available, and there is this GitHub - PistonDevelopers/piston_collada: Rust library for parsing COLLADA files So I won’t have to reinvent the wheel in Rust. So I’m at halfway(?) in terms of reading different versions, then will come time to interpret them and write other files.

As I said this is just a side-project for me, fun way to practically learn Rust, and maybe help moders as they have sometimes worked their ***** off for countless amount of hours, just for our enjoyment (and maybe a few donations). Although some will probably hate me, as their models will be stolen… Well I can say I’m sorry to them. My main project is right now learning Vulkan, which as I said there are harder things around to do.

Biggest problem for me is time, I cannot work on it full-time(40h a week), so progress is sporadic.

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Sounds like you are making progress. A HOD editor would be welcome, even after all these years of trying to do things other ways…