[QUESTION] HODOR, RODOH, and other tools?


I am perplexed about the uses/differences of all the different tools, so I figured I would just ask. Lets get to it!

  1. What is the difference and purpose of HODOR and RODOH?
  2. Are there other tools I am unaware of? Is there a tool for particle effects? etc.
  3. Is there any purpose to run the remastered toolkit? (the one in the “tools” section in the Steam library)

(A bit off-topic, but I’d rather just ask here rather than create a new Topic)
4) How feasible is it to create custom “Extra Missions”?

  1. HODOR does DAE->HOD
    – RODOH does (old) HOD->DAE
  2. Old stuff, maybe - none of it solid or even correct anymore. Most of it will lose data or mis-save content. Use with caution. Not really my area - I write/support our tools only.
  3. Having the toolkit allows you to easily get tool updates, and upload new Mods.
  4. It is VERY easy to do, I am sure there are examples. And ‘extra missions’ can be single or whole additional chains of campaign, etc.

Thank you very much! Really quick response too :slightly_smiling:

@BitVenom, I think I read somewhere that there was an in-house version of the FX tool. (Maybe it was even in response to one of my messages; I don’t remember.) Is that correct? Are there plans in the future to release that tool (even modified) to us? Is there a possibility the FX format might be changing in the future?

The reason I ask: I’m considering writing a new, up-to-date version of the tool, but I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, nor do I want to put a whole heck of a lot of effort into something that’s going to change down the road.

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That tool is out of date even in-house. Generally we do minor edits, or if I have to do work, I just hand-edit the files. Good luck making a tool - that system is VERY complex, and a huge mess.

Very easy is not the word I would use for creating extra missions. You still need to have a quite good understanding of the code as well as examples to work with initially to understand what you are doing.

It’s definitely not out of reach of the average modder, I could make a fully functional one, but it’s not very easy either (IMHO, very easy would be if there was some dedicated mission creator tool like fifteen years ago on Starcraft - I don’t know about more modern examples).

It is not that complicated to make a mission code, it just takes time, and the chances to get errors increase with the number of lines in the code.

On the other hand, making Nis like Captain Soban’s arrival is quite another thing altogether. They are made with a tool which is unavailable, that, if I remember correctly, @BitVenom talked about a year ago? So, is such a tool coming for us? No idea, but it would allow us to do a lot more.

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We don’t really have a tool for that either - in that I wrote a converter for HW1->HW2 NIS format. HW2 NIS format is very dependent on Maya, which we don’t use here. In theory I could write one, but we weren’t making ‘new’ NIS so I had no reason.


Re missions: Making something show up in the extra missions list is not very hard. Making a good, fun, high quality mission is quite difficult, depending on where you put the bar for yourself, but that’s largely because game design and programming ain’t easy to begin with.

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Re NIS, I wonder if it’d be possible for you to release some documentation on the format to open the chance that a fan might write a tool?



Game design is a lot more than simply coding. You need to take a lot of time beforehand to plan what you want to happen, both in view of the player and behind the scenes.

If I have time, maybe, much later. The format of an NIS file is in the same vein as a HOD/MAD file - lists of objects, events, animation curves, etc. If an author is capable of writing a tool for this, they’re probably not going to have trouble dissecting the very basic RIFF-style format.

That said, our HW1->HW2 convert was REALLY basic. Lots of HW2 ‘features’ aren’t understood, so we don’t attempt to edit/convert to them - the HW1 files were so basic we didn’t have to flex much to get them into a basic container.

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Example of an extra mission:

Taiidan Republic Mod teaser:


If you need help, ask here. Otherwise there is plenty of documentation on hw2 lua functions online…

[quote=“Dom2, post:13, topic:1217162”]
Example of an extra mission:
[/quote]Speaking of this… @BitVenom, is there a way to get missions out of the “extra mission” UI tab and into the actual campaign tab, or does that require a little bit of UI editing?

What ? Did I hear UI editing ? ^^

@BitVenom: I’m not quite sure that this is what @EatThePath meant by format; at least, that’s not the interpretation I took from his question. (Although, that may just be my bias from fiddling around with HW2 NIS files speaking. [I started programming a NIS Editor at one point. Got pretty far, actually.]) I took it to mean what sort of information needs to be present in the NIS files.

@Siber: Forgive me if I misunderstood your question, and for speaking for you if my assumption wasn’t your case.

[quote=“Dwarfinator, post:15, topic:1217162, full:true”]
What ? Did I hear UI editing ? ^^
[/quote]Haha! I’ve seen some of your UI work. :slight_smile:

I apologize to the OP (@PrivateHix) and to everyone else for derailing the thread.

I don’t think you’re too far off in your interperation of my question, but I also think Bitvenom’s reply was a fine answer. Not an exhaustively complete one perhaps, but a good general summary.

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Ok good! :slight_smile:

As far as I know, if someone wants to make his or her own NIS, they can still install a Maya3 and the old RND tools to do that, and there’re some old tutorials available on Relic forums.

But that actually requires Maya…