[Question] How To for HWR Mod creating/testing

Hey there,

as there are already several mods out there for HWR, my question is is there a guide or a how-to for this with HWR and not for the claissic games?

I wanted to test some modifications for SP before I use the GBXmodtools for uploading a big into the workshop.
But HWR is only the beta without the campaigns.

CAn anyone help?

If you are asking how to test your mod as loose files, you can use the “-moddatapath” commandline argument followed by a folder name that contains your mod’s loose files when running the game (this applies to Homeworld2Classic as well as Homeworld Remastered).

See the Steam guide I created about uploading your mod to the Workshop, specifically the section that talks about creating a folder named “DataMyMod”. You can name the folder anything you want (but you should avoid putting spaces in the folder name).

If you are asking “How do I create a mod?”, that’s a WAY bigger question and can’t really easily be answered in a single forum post. :smile:

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Thanks, you guide was my first adress, but as It apllied to the classic I wanted to ask about it here.

Which exe do I have to use for starting HWR with campaign? or is it just because the .big files are missing and the keeper file?

“How to create a mod” is not really my intention, I wanted to start small with changes of the teamcolors for the campaign, and then work up step by step.

Using the launcher is easiest way to run the game. You can add the “-moddatapath DataMyMod” argument by right clicking on the game in Steam, select ‘Properties’ then click the “SET LAUNCH OPTIONS…” button and put that commandline argument in there (without the double quotes). The launcher will then pass this along to whatever game you run from the launcher.

Cool, many thanks for that. :smile:
Have a nice wekend.

Tried it some times but without the keeper.txt it is quite not working, but now I have some fancy different colors in the campaign :slight_smile: