[QUESTION] How to get HODOR to generate a MAD file?

I am starting to experiment with animation and failing at the first hurdle… To test it, I tried using one of the examples.

When I use HODOR with an example DAE file directly, it generates a HOD file and a MAD file. However if I import it into 3DS max and then export it (without changing anything), it then fails to generate the MAD file… And yes, I do have the “animation” box checked on the DAE export…

Anyone got any ideas?

Make sure you don’t have the single matrix option checked. Also, post a screenshot of your imported hierarchy. Do you have the HOLD_ANIM node and the appropriate animation listings below that with valid ST and EN values?

Also, make sure it imported the animation to begin with. Hit play at the bottom of the max window.


I have only met failure with trying to get anything animated in MAX and exported, I have found that the old MAD files work fine with the new HODs though if they have all the same joint names.

I know that there’s been some refinement of the MAD file already by GBX but I am hoping that I can keep using the old MAD files into the future, In extreme cases I may even create an old-HOD just to get the MAD file going… CFHodEd’s animation is so much easier to comprehend than animation in 3DsMax >_<

Oh, that’s a neat trick. A useful stopgap anyway.

Thanks @sastrei that worked! No idea what that option did, but that is what was causing the problem, I am now getting a MAD file.


Argh, now HODOR is struggling to find my meshes (it worked fine with the example ship):

DAE->HOD: Generating Scene Data LOD[0]
WARNING - Unable to locate Geo instance under P2Swarmer
    - check for un-reset xform...?

I tried selecting all and using Utilities > Reset XForm, but I still get this error. The game finds the resulting HOD empty and puts this in HwRM.log:


There were 0 sub meshes.

Maybe you have an old version of the exporter?

Ok, not sure what went wrong, but I solved it by resetting the XForms on all my meshes. Now it works :smiley:

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The other thing to remember is to go into the curve editor and make all of the transitions linear (the stragith line option) it significantly cuts down on the export time and file size


Successfully made an animation from scratch and it works in game! I feel a tutorial coming on…

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Well then make sure you won’t miss the knowledge learned in the EvilleJedi’s thread:

Maybe something in the REARM V2 thread and that you won’t forget to include the information on thrust vectoring. And that you’ll at least talk about the dockpaths animations, launch and dock animations and by far the most important of all, the CodeRed animations.

Synthesizing all three threads into one animation tutorial would be terrific. I’ll be happy to link it up on the HWMOD wiki once it’s done.

Related enough to not want to make a new thread: Has anyone gotten animations made in and exported from blender working?