[QUESTION] How to spawn mines on a map?

Is it possible to spawn mines (or other “missiles”) on map without them being deployed?

I want to have a map that contains a minefield with infiinite(ish) life mines, but the only way I can think of doing this is to spawn a lot of minelayers, use SobGroup_DeployMinesInCuboid() or similar and then destroy/hyperspace all the minelayers, which seems inefficient…

@B8factor has done minefields, he’ll know.

Also I would use a copy of the Mine “missile” with greatly increased lifetime.

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I actually just directed a mine layer to lay mines for my purposes. I do not know about spawning them. Sorry.

The supernova station singleplayer mission has minefields on it, or should. I don’t know if they’re dropped by ships or spawned at mission start somehow, might be worth dissecting.


I had a look at HW1 mission 10. I find the HW1 RM scripts really hard to follow (what is KAS anyway?) but it seems they used standard Taiidan minelayers. Looks like that is the only way of doing it… I might make an invisible minelayer that lays infinite duration mines.

KAS is Homeworld 1’s mission scripting engine.

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