[Question] Is there a way call the retire command from script / on Sobgroup?

Hi all,

I have all my dockpath working now, so i started to work on the next issue.

I want to order ships to retire via gamemode … The idea was, to use this as an easy way to get a ship to dock an disappear and add RU to your account. So far I was pretty sure there was a sobgroup command for this, but it seems my memory had fooled me.

So, does anyone know a way to issue such a command (ability) or a good alternative ? (I would use a script running per ship, that will check for several conditions … but i want to avoid this)

Best Regards

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I would want to know a better way of doing this as well. It would be helpful for campaigns and other things.

Ok, … done.

Well, if sometime in the future, I get to know a method to call retire it may get a bit more easy and fire and forget (regarding the ships).

But for now gamemode basics are working.

At the moment it#s working like that:

  • starting with a station (modified vgr_commstation)
  • map dependant amount of stations (modified meg_gehenna_1)
  • traders (modified ben_cargobarge) spawn on stations after some time.
  • trader search for dockable stations (harbors) other than the last docked one, then try to dock there.
  • After docking they will unload, wich will generate income based on flight-time since last dock.

Station capturing / player change
additional hods and dockpath for several variations