Question old god shield is it working right?

Question I have this old god shield equiped but its not showing damage for incendiary, am I using this correctly? Or do I need to be using an incendiary weapon? Or is it bugged?

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Need to be using an incendiary weapon.

Yeah i just got that answer, thats kinda BS imo then

What?! It’s a great shield ?? What about it is BS in your opinion?

The part where your forced to use a weapon thats already using that damage type in order to gain the value of the shield especially looking at it from zanes perspective where using an ase nade is terrible since you want your action skills active, i understanding you can use sntnl cryo and get the buff from a cryo shield but isnt if far better to stack other element types for better damage? Especially since their are enemies with resistance like traunt or cryo badasses not to mention the armored enemies like wotan who seem to be fully resistant to corrosive type weapons where you get no additional damage for going aling with damage weakness.

Reason I dont mention ase shield as well is because the only annointments for zane shield that are good is sntnl movement speed or barrier recharge

Additionally the only viable builds for zane are the ones where you chain your kill skills to keep action skills going.

Oh weird - didn’t notice! I mean, they have pretty good capacity and stay for the spike damage, but still.

Good to know!

The Seeing Dead COM is literally the Zane patch.


This is actually a good shield…just not for your VH.
Amara and Moze can inflict elemental fire damage on top of normal damage, and this would help.
Now if you had one that had cryo, you could take advantage of Zane’s bonus cryo damage.

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Yep, Rock a cryo old God with sentinel movement speed anointment

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Which leaves you very bottle necked and open to be shut down completely by the game since their are cryo badasses that are completely immune especially when speaking of traunt

True its the only item in a dlc that made him viable at higher mayhem levels without having to jump through multiple hoops in order to fight mobs and bosses alike because he doest have as much damage buffs in his skill trees compared to the rest of the vault hunters.

Just infuriating that it takes every bit of ammo you have to make an elim on some enemies on top of that gearbox loves to nerf weapons that would otherwise make those other builds viable like with what they did to the kaoson

Imo the old god shield should have added damage, not added to the pre existing damage. Like how the banjo can proc electric damage without having to use an electric type weapon. This would allow for far more builds to be playable.

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It works exactly how a Spicy artifact works. Are Spicy artifacts unfair?

That rarely happens to me, but that’s also why when I look for 100% cryo weapons I try to get some with a different main element

I’m new to Zane but what I’m trying to find the gear for right now is a radiation flipper with the SNTL cryo anointment and then a radiation old god to go with it. I haven’t found the gear yet but I think this would be pretty much OP against all enemies/health bar types.

I’m currently using a corrosive flipper that doesn’t even have the SNTL anoint with a flesh melter victory rush and it does insane damage already. Can’t image how good it would be with radiation/cryo and boosted by an old god.

Use a ase grenade fire… But yesh find a better one.

I use it i have corrosive og with corrosive ase. Itz nuts. I cloneboom.

If ur weapons have a 100% ase does it do more? I.dont. even know
Everything dies in seconds with zane nowadays

Ase anoints on shield are pretty sick. So get a better one.

Yeah I got a cryo one with cryo ase, and using it on my rakk heart flak is a lot if fun and very effective
It’s “free” Bigger number if you match element and has a huge survivability potential duemployers to having elemental ressisrance and the still be capable of rolling 3 parts