Question on an anointment

So I have a grenade mod, which does on action skill end, 50% bonus corrosive

If I have a shield with the same anointment, does it stack to 100%?


YESSSSSS :slight_smile:

No, they don’t stack, but you can use one in a different element. It can also stack with weapon anointment that gives your 2 next mags 50% bonus elemental damage.

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Well this is off to a good start. :laughing:

If nobody gets a definitive answer here before I get one of my characters with a pair of these to the dummy in Sanctuary, I’ll let you know what I find.

edit - I hopped back to my regularly-scheduled game, hit a vending machine, and found two of these anointments right off the bat. Let’s see!


I typed the response while I was at the target dummy. I wanted to be sure. More results can’t hurt.

No, you’re right: multiple anointments for the same bonus damage element at action skill end do not stack, but they do stack for different elements (not ‘stack’ so much, as each throw their own damage, where the damage from identical elemental anointments don’t throw a higher number nor multiple numbers). This seems weird… like I imagine this isn’t the intended behavior by the designers. Good to know! My first guess would have been that they do stack.

Also: Zane’s Dopplebanger skill gets these same elemental perks with his explosion.

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Thank you very much

Saves me time on farming for the same element lol

I’d still keep one of the same if you have bank space… I’d be surprised if they didn’t fix this at some point.

I haven’t found one yet sadly. is it 50% of all the damage dealt gets added as the element? Just the weapon damage or crits/elemental damage too?

Tested this just recently myself, can confirm they don’t stack if they’re the same element. Different elements do.

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It’s calculated after crits but before elements are applied. So you can increase the damage by critting, but not by matching gun element with the enemy (which on the upside also means, no gun/enemy elemental mismatch penalty is factored in either).

As for finding them, they drop a lot in higher Mayhem modes.

It won’t likely get ‘fixed’ specifically because they don’t want folks getting 6 or 7 charges of rakk attack on Fl4k… And possibly other combinations as well. Stacking of anointments that are the same would break some aspects.