Question on Borderlands 3 Game Mechanics

First: I don’t think this is a spoiler, but it might be.

When I killed Agonizer 9000, due to a DLC I had played through, I was so over-powerd I killed the {bad-word} crazy easy.


Was it because I got my {butt} kicked by Agonizer 9000 several times, did the DLC, and came back and annihilated it?
Or that I was so over-powered.

In other words: did I need to get computer-brutalized first, and if I did this with another character, can I just do the DLC and meet Agonizer 9000 with the same end results?

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nope, you just got experience and get good in the game.

Weren’t you underleveled by any chance ? Would explain the hardcore butt kicking you had or maybe you didn’t have decent weapons to use

Oh ur zane. All makes sense
U went from garbage to gold
Dlc1’s com makes him viable

Well… at first I was “on-level” and got my {butt} kicked repeatedly, and after a partial run-through “The Handsome Jackpot” after having gained about seven levels I, as I had said earlier, I annihilated “Agonizer 9000”, without ever getting spinning blades or even a flaming fire. It was that easy!

And since I had no idea what would happen, I was shocked/flabbergasted to see that Tanis was a Siren.

{Heck} I could have probably take it out with a white, under-leveled, Tedior (sp) weapon.

Also. I had some on-level corrosive weapons Pistol, SMG, Assault Rifle, and a shotgun… all corrosive, and I had a Maliwan Sniper Rifle because REASONS.

If it wasn’t at max level with max level gear anything could be the problem :rofl::yum:

Seven levels is a huge advantage. Not only do you have a deeper health pool, you have 7 more skill points assigned, more GR boosts, and probably higher level weapons. In NVHM I don’t think Agonizer will scale up while you’re still running the story, so you definitely had the advantage when you came back.

I had pretty much the same experience the first time I tried that fight, although I didn’t gain a whole 7 levels before going back - maybe 2 or 3 (and it was still much easier!)

Also added a spoiler tag, because this isn’t the spoilers section.

Agoniser is weak to corrosive - Check
You had been through Heist DLC - You probably got a Seein Dead COM - Assumed Check
Since first run you had gained levels / experience - Check

When returning to Agoniser you were orders of magnitude more powerful so for Agoniser = Checkmate. :crazy_face: