Question on buffs for Moze and when they drop off

For instance using the Anarchy with Moze. Blastmaster com. How long does it take for blast master to build, and how much does it boost?

The 125% Incendiary on exiting Iron Bear, this lasts forever im guessing as long as you don’t reload.

Does going into fight for your life get rid of all three buffs? Stacks from Anarchy, Blast Master, and the annointment.

Just wondering how this all goes together.

Blast master takes about 50 seconds or so to build up to 100%. It should continue until you reload, even in FFYL. 125 fire 2 mag only drops off after a second reload or weapon swap I believe. Think it might continue into FFYL as well. Anarchy loses its stacks if you manually reload, go into FFYL, switch weapons, and I think when you enter IB. So that anoint might not work.

Anarchy will be a long setup. You’ll have to build up Anarchy stacks, while waiting for blast master to build. Then, if you can maintain your mag, and not go down, you’ll keep it.

I would seriously love that descriptions like “lasts for a few seconds / for several seconds / a few seconds after X” gave an actual number.

I dont like relying on guess of how much a buff lasts.


I believe all “for a short time” annoints are around 6 seconds. I wish they had an icon in your HUD that showed when annointments were active.


true. maybe on the sides somewhere. one for weapon, one for grenade and one for shield. small squares for some feedback

Yeah that would be nice. I think getting into Iron Bear also resets some things but I’m not sure which buffs get reset upon getting back into IB. Blast Master is the primary one I think.

Makes it awkward to get shield annoint ASE, but I guess that really only gets used against mobs when your fresh or against a boss.